Senior IDF officer arrested for secretly photographing female soldiers

An IDF officer with the rank of lieutenant colonel was arrested Tuesday in a serious incident on suspicion of committing sexual crimes and violating the privacy of female soldiers in his unit.

His arrest came after it was revealed that he had long secretly photographed female soldiers in the unit’s women’s residences. The superior officer reportedly used photographic equipment that was apparently installed in the women’s residences. Electronic equipment and evidence linking him to the serious crime were found in the officer’s vehicle.

The officer is also suspected of fraudulently transferring intimate photos of female soldiers who served under him to his cell phone. Yesterday, his detention was extended for a week, in order to continue the investigation that is being carried out in the serious case.

Due to the ongoing investigation, publication restrictions apply, and according to the military court’s decision, the officer’s name and identifying details, including the unit in which the suspected acts were committed, are currently prohibited. publication. It is estimated that publication of these details will be allowed at a later date.

IDF “Red Unit” soldiers (credit: IDF SPOKESPERSON UNIT)

The investigation itself began following a complaint from one of the unit’s female soldiers, who suspected that female soldiers in women’s residences were illegally photographed. At this stage, there is no suspicion or evidence that the photos have been widely distributed by the superior officer, but as said it is a very serious matter, the irregularity being that it is a high-ranking officer who has a significant role. in unity. where the suspected crimes were committed.

At this stage, there are no other suspects in the matter and it is believed that he acted alone. The IDF confirmed the details and the serious suspicions attributed to the officer, with the IDF spokesperson saying that no further details could be provided at this stage due to the ongoing investigation.

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