Nicolle Wallace criticizes ‘toxic stew of grievances’ promoted in conservative media

MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace attacked conservative political and media figures on Thursday, accusing them of contributing to turbulence in the country by fueling a “toxic stew of grievances and violent rhetoric.”

Wallace, during a segment of his show, noted that the Department of Homeland Security issued a new bulletin this week that featured violent domestic extremists as the greatest terrorist risk to the country. The bulletin said that “both domestic and foreign threat actors” have “called for violence against elected officials, political representatives” and others.

“This threat is emboldened and powered by a right-wing disinformation machine that includes members of Congress, people like the Arizona Republican Paul gosarPaul Anthony Gosar The Hill’s Morning Report – Presented by Facebook – The Republican Party Dealt a Coup in 2022, Looks at the Troubles of the Trump Era GOP centrists are increasingly being attacked by their own party Video showing violence removed from Representative Gosar’s account after the pushback MORE, whose publication depicts the assassination of the Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-CortezVeteran Alexandria Ocasio-CortezMarine Launches Challenge to Gottheimer in New Jersey Pelosi Upholds America’s ‘Moral Authority’ on Climate Action Pavlich: Biden’s Self-Inflicted Energy Crisis MORE received calls of censorship and an ethical investigation from a party, the Democratic Party, “said Wallace. “But you guessed it, the silence of Kevin McCarthyKevin McCarthy There is still a chance for Democrats, if they don’t screw it up Republican House Candidate Charged With Abusing Stepdaughter In Texas The Hill’s Morning Report – Presented By Facebook – The Republican Party Dealt A Hit In 2022, Look At The Troubles Of The Trump era MORE and all his Republican leadership. “

Wallace was referring to the criticism that erupted earlier this week after Gosar posted an altered anime video that showed him attacking Ocasio-Cortez and Biden. The legislator later said the video was “symbolic” of a struggle among lawmakers over immigration and “was in no way intended to be a targeted attack” against Democrats.

The MSNBC host suggested Thursday that coverage by other right-wing outlets was also responsible for federal officials’ growing concern about domestic violence.

“It also includes right-wing media networks that glorify vigilantes, people like Kyle Rittenhouse, and provide millions of Americans with a constant supply of toxic stew of grievances and violent rhetoric,” said Wallace, who served as press secretary at the George W. Bush White House.

Wallace then played a series of clips of host and guest segments on conservative news networks such as Fox News and One America News invoking rhetoric about revolutions.

The former Republican White House official turned cable news expert said the injection of “grievance” into conservative media programming is “colliding with the proliferation of weapons in the United States.”

“Folks, the lights keep flashing red,” he said.

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