Nasrallah: UAE-Assad meeting means acknowledging victory of Syrian Civil War

A recent meeting between the UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed and Syrian President Bashar Assad shows that Arab nations are recognizing that the Assad regime won the civil war in Syria, claimed the Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah during a speech that marked the movement’s martyrdom. Day on Thursday.

The Hezbollah leader further claimed that the Arab states had funneled millions of dollars into the civil war.

Nasrallah continued the speech by stating that Israel suffers from “existential fear”, adding that recent IDF exercises in northern Israel show that Israel is concerned that Lebanon will try to invade northern Israel.

They build walls and conduct semi-seasonal maneuvers in the northern region and make assumptions that the resistance will enter the Galilee, and this is proof that the Israelis trust the resistance in Lebanon, the sincerity of its promises, the ability of its men. , and the importance of their strategic minds, “Nasrallah said.

IDF soldiers are seen participating in military exercises in northern Israel to simulate a war with Hezbollah. (credit: IDF SPOKESPERSON UNIT)

The Hezbollah leader added that Israel is “trying to breathe” by opening relations and normalizing relations with some Arab countries.

Nasrallah referred to reported failures in the maritime border negotiations with Israel, and said Lebanon refused to submit to US dictates on the matter. “The state that accepts external dictates lies when it claims to be sovereign, independent and free.”

Nasrallah also referred to the diplomatic crisis between Saudi Arabia and Lebanon that has led to a series of measures by the Gulf states against Lebanon, saying that it will not “intensify or complicate things.”

The crisis with Saudi Arabia erupted after Lebanese Information Minister George Kordahi called the war in Yemen futile and said that Yemen was being targeted and that the Iranian-backed Houthis in the country were defending themselves.

“Saudi Arabia presents itself as a friend of the Lebanese people, and the question is: is this how a friend deals with a friend?” Nasrallah asked, saying that Iran and Syria had been insulted by Lebanese officials and yet had maintained good relations with Lebanon.

Nasrallah called Saudi Arabia’s reaction to Kordahi’s remarks “highly exaggerated,” and said US and Arab officials had made harsher statements about the war in Yemen. Nasrallah also denied claims that Hezbollah was involved in the war in Yemen.

Nasrallah also attacked Saudi Arabia, the custodian of Mecca and Medina, for failing to act similarly when officials and personalities from Western countries insulted the Prophet Muhammad.

“Is what they considered an insult to them in the words of the minister of information more dangerous, greater and more heinous than what is said about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)?” the Hezbollah leader asked.

Nasrallah stated that the pressure from Saudi Arabia was to fight Hezbollah and that Saudi Arabia had supported and pushed Israel to continue fighting in the Second Lebanon War. The Hezbollah leader added that Saudi Arabia was trying to pressure its allies in Lebanon to unleash a civil war, but that everyone in Lebanon either did not want a civil war or were unable to fight such a war.

Nasrallah scoffed at claims that Hezbollah is dominant in Lebanon, saying that a dominant party would have no problem importing oil or removing judges, and yet Hezbollah has struggled with these issues.

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