Israeli couple arrested in Turkey for photographing presidential palace

An Israeli couple in their 40s were recently arrested in Istanbul after photographing a compound where photography was prohibited. The case has not been reported by Turkish media, but according to some reports, the complex in question is the palace of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

The case is being handled by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but the Turkish authorities have not provided any official information about the arrest and therefore the couple are officially missing.

According to Walla, the Israelis, Egged drivers from Modi’in, sent the photos they took to a family group on WhatsApp. The photograph of the palace was apparently taken when a ship was passing nearby.

The two did not know that photographing the compound violated the law in Turkey.

The woman’s family filed a complaint for her absence after the couple failed to return to Israel last night as planned.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan attends a meeting of his ruling AK Party via video link in Ankara, Turkey, on March 4, 2021 (Credit: PRESIDENTIAL PRESS OFFICE / HANDOUT VIA REUTERS)

“His crime lies in having photographed Erdogan’s palace during an innocent trip,” said lawyer Nir Jaslowitz, representing the two. “This is the rare case where justice requires the Foreign Ministry to do everything in its power to ensure that Israeli citizens are not detained outside state borders.”

According to Ynet, President Isaac Herzog’s adviser spoke to the couple’s family to secure their release.

“His son is a five-year-old on the autism spectrum,” a family member told Ynet. “His mother called him every few hours and spoke to him on Skype. Now he’s in a state of shock and constantly asks ‘Where are Mom and Dad?’ We don’t know what to say to him and it breaks our hearts. “

A report from N12 states that the couple are expected to appear before a judge who will likely order their release. The two are likely to be deported back to Israel on Friday, according to sources citing Istanbul police.

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