COVID: Testing for Kids to Stay Free Even After Available Jabs –

Coronavirus tests for children will remain free even after the Pfizer vaccine is available for the 5- to 11-year-old cohort, Health Ministry Director General Professor Nachman Ash said on Thursday.

The announcement came a day after the Pandemic Response Team and the Vaccine Advisory Committee, both supporting the Ministry of Health in the fight against COVID, gave the green light to the inoculation with 73 votes in favor and two in against.

“We want parents to make the right decision from the point of view of health, it is true that the lives of those who are vaccinated are more convenient, but we do not want anyone to decide due to financial considerations so that the tests will continue to be free, ”Ash said speaking to the army radio.

For the vaccination campaign to begin, Ash will need to issue a formal decision and detailed policy.

The campaign is expected to start in a week or two, depending on when Israel will receive the vaccine supply.

Health worker prepares a Covid-19 vaccine at a Clalit temporary healthcare facility in Jerusalem, September 30, 2021. (Credit: YONATAN SINDEL / FLASH90)

The Pfizer vaccine for children is slightly different from that for adults: it is given in 10 mg doses. unlike 30 mg., and is stored in different vials.

Israel has about 1.3 million citizens between the ages of 5 and 11, more than 200,000 of whom have already recovered from the disease.

Regarding the possibility of giving them a single injection to boost their immunity, as is the policy for recovered older people, the panel was divided, with 34 members saying that the vaccine should be recommended, but depending on how long has passed since the recovery of the child. 23 said it should be recommended regardless and eight said it should not be recommended.

Ash confirmed that it is probably necessary to discuss the matter again.

“There is a possibility that we will cover this in a more in-depth discussion: we don’t want to give a vaccine that we shouldn’t give, but we also don’t want children who got sick a long time to think they are protected even though they are not.”

At the moment, children under the age of 12 account for around half of the new coronavirus cases identified every day in Israel.

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