American diner vibes come to life at Jerusalem’s Berlin Burger

On a Thursday night at the Mamilla pedestrian mall, it certainly seems like the crown is a thing of the past.

Two weeks in a row I had to drive to the lowest level of the parking lot to find a place to park. When I got out, I found crowds of people enjoying the soft night air.

The first place I tried was Berlin Burger. It reminded me of a restaurant from the 80s, with a lot, a lot of color and neon. An entire wall is made of soda cans, many of the brands that no longer exist.

The menu is limited but has something for everyone.

There are seven types of burgers (58-66 NIS), including a vegan burger made from mushrooms for my friend Estelle. There is a crispy chicken burger and four types of beef burgers. The 220 gram beef burgers, made with a mixture of roast and entrecote, have various toppings.

Berlin Burger at the Mamilla Mall in Jerusalem. (credit: ASSAF KERALA)

I tried the French beef burger, which had brisket on top, along with truffle aioli, lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles. The very thinly sliced ​​brisket was unremarkable, and I felt that the brioche bun, which is a bit sweet, was not the best match with the meat. The burger itself, however, was pretty good and the place is fun. The truffle aioli, however, was excellent and I asked for more.

The burgers come with fries, which are more like potato wedges and were either crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, or onion rings.

If dairy is your thing, I highly recommend Luciana right across the Mamilla mall. The extensive pasta and fish menu offers something for everyone.

I was in the mood for a cocktail, so I ordered the Coco Chanel (NIS 52), which had rum, pineapple, coconut, and passion fruit. It was quite delicious.

The restaurant is large and the tables are widely spaced. There are candles on each table that give a pleasant atmosphere.

My partner was my foodie son and we chose two fish appetizers from the menu. The tuna sashimi (70 NIS) was a bit disappointing. The portion was small and the tuna, although fresh, was a bit tasteless.

The other appetizer, the fish bruschetta, was excellent. It had cubes of white fish, along with some fresh vegetables and a slightly spicy aioli on a thin slice of bread.

    Bruschetta with cubes of white fish and spicy aioli at Luciana (credit: ASSAF KERALA) Bruschetta with cubes of white fish and spicy aioli at Luciana (credit: ASSAF KERALA)

For the main courses we went with pasta and we had two options. We had a special of beet gnocci in a feta beet sauce that was chartreuse in color and was excellent, and a pasta stuffed with mushrooms and mascarpone in a sweet Asian-style sauce. It was pretty sweet, but I happen to enjoy sweet dishes. There are about 10 types of pasta, ranging from NIS 71 to NIS 81.

    Pasta filled with mushrooms and mascarpone at Luciana (credit: ASSAF KERALA) Pasta filled with mushrooms and mascarpone at Luciana (credit: ASSAF KERALA)

For dessert we asked the manager, Roga, to surprise us. It came with a slice of chocolate mousse cake and a cheesecake. Both were excellent and reminded me why dairy restaurants are fun to eat.

Berlin burger
Mamilla Mall
Hours: Sunday to Thursday, from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Friday, until 2 p.m.
Tel: (02) 656-4919
Kashrut: Mehuderet Beit Yosef

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