Thanksgiving disaster on the horizon

Thanksgiving, perhaps even more so than July 4, is the quintessential American celebration. Modern coding came to us as a fixed date, thanks to Franklin Roosevelt in 1939 during the Great Depression. Families struggling during our national nightmare had a day to celebrate and appreciate that even during the darkest of times, Americans had so much more to be thankful for than not. This Thanksgiving, we hear again those difficult financial days. Policy failures will be responsible for tens of thousands of families being stranded at airports, paying exorbitant prices for gasoline and finding a shortage at grocery stores. Americans face the most expensive Thanksgiving on record.

Every year, millions of passengers fly to see their families on Thanksgiving; In 2019, 26 million travelers and crew passed through the U.S. airport checkpoint in the 11-day period around the holidays. This year, waves of Americans could see their flights canceled or delayed due to a serious shortage of workers within the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). In June the the agency warned severely understaffed at nearly 150 of the country’s airports. The situation was so bad that employees at the TSA office were asked to volunteer at the airports for up to 45 days.

Given these existing problems, the timing of President BidenJoe Biden Video showing violence removed from Rep. Gosar’s account after pushback Federal judge rejects Trump’s effort to block Jan.6 documents Expected price increases raise political stakes for Biden MOREThe November 22 vaccination mandate for federal employees, just three days before Thanksgiving, couldn’t be worse. As of October, only around 60 percent of TSA workers were vaccinated. If employees declare themselves ill or stage a strike days before the holidays, it would create a nationwide travel nightmare for hundreds of thousands of people, leading to massive delays and waves of canceled flights. President Biden could get stuck with a Reagan air traffic controllers situation.

It’s not just the TSA that is affected by staff shortages – airlines face similar challenges. In recent months, airlines like Southwest and American have canceled thousands of flights due to worker shortages; the latter is trying to meet only three-quarters of its pre-pandemic staff. The upcoming vaccine mandate for large private companies will make existing staffing problems much more serious at a time when airlines don’t have spare capacity and could lead to a spate of resignations and layoffs. While the majority of the large airline workforce is largely vaccinated (United reports more than 90 percent), losing even a small fraction of employees during the busiest travel period of the year would be disastrous. How many pilots will simply collect their pensions instead of dealing with a blanket federal mandate? How many mechanics or support personnel will call in a week or just quit?

Those traveling by car to see family this Thanksgiving will also face burdens. The cost of fuel is approaching an all-time high, preventing average families from driving long distances to see loved ones. The rising price of fuel (crude oil is anticipated at $ 120 next year) also leads to higher airline ticket costs and it will drive up the price of most consumer goods and food. Also, heating the family home will be much more expensive.

Americans are already on the brink with inflated costs across the board. Food prices are at an all-time high since the 1970s and world food prices rose 3 percent only during the month of October. Simultaneously, a worsening fertilizer shortage due to supply chain disruptions threatens to further increase food costs. Prices are inflating across the board – a whole turkey doubled in price During the past two years. The New York Times said 2021 could be the Most expensive Thanksgiving ever.

As if that wasn’t hard enough, the shortage of truckers and dockworkers could easily lead to empty store shelves and a lack of holiday favorites. The turkey may be there, albeit much more expensive, but some of your favorite drinks and side dishes may be absent until 2022 or beyond. The crisis in our supply chain is worsening as cargo ships remain moored off the coast of the country. At the same time, the Biden administration’s vaccination mandate may cause even more truckers to leave work. American Trucking Associations reports that it fears the loss of 37 percent of its promoters due to the mandate.

The responsibility for a Thanksgiving from hell lies squarely at the feet of bad federal policy put forward by the Joe Biden administration. Away from the 2020 presidential campaign promises to stop the virus, our economic malaise will soon overtake the average family. For an abundance-based vacation, many Americans will long remember the first Christmas season since the Depression, marked by higher prices, missing relatives, and missing dishes.

Rather than trying to fix the extent of the problems that pressure families, the Biden administration has focused its efforts on trying to reduce these problems. What Will You Believe ?: What White House Press Secretary? Jen psakiJen PsakiAide, Who Traveled With Biden To Europe, Tests Positive For COVID-19: Reports The Hill’s Morning Report – Presented By ExxonMobil – Political Earthquake Shakes Virginia; New Jersey is too close to call Psaki news underscores security risks and protocols for Biden MORE tells him and what the Chief of Staff Ron KlainRon Klain Winter Challenges Looming for Biden White House White House: Moving Forward Despite Court Freeze The Hill’s Morning Report – Brought to you by Facebook – Did Democrats Misunderstand Voters’ Call for 2020 Change ? PLUS retweets, or your “lying eyes”?

Kristin Tate is a libertarian writer whose latest book is “How do I tax it? A Field Guide to the Great American Scam.“Follow her on Twitter @KristinBTate.

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