SavorEat robot chefs to cook meatless burgers for tech employees

SavorEat, an Israeli startup whose robot chef cooks meatless food, will soon serve employees of some of the country’s largest companies.

The Rehovot-based company said on Wednesday that it signed an agreement with Yarzin-Sella, which offers high-end food services, to conduct a pilot test that serves meals in the Israeli offices of companies such as Meta (Facebook), Google, Playtika. and others.

Following the pilot, which will run for several months in Israel, Yarzin-Sella will continue to work with SavorEat in the US and other markets.

SavorEat was established in 2018 by Racheli Vizman, who serves as its CEO, Professor Oded Shoseyov, the company’s CSO, and Professor Ido Braslavsky. The company has about 20 employees and continues to grow. He is also assisted by a team of senior consultants and leading partners.

SavorEat’s unique technology allows plant-based ingredients to be combined to create custom burgers that a robot chef can cook using sophisticated cooking techniques, without any human contact. Multiple hamburgers, customized for specific consumer diets and with the unique taste and texture of animal meat, can be cooked simultaneously in just a few minutes.

BBQ food. (credit: PIXABAY)

SavorEat, which has 20 employees and continues to grow, raised NIS 42.6 million in its IPO on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) last November. Established in 2018, it is scheduled to launch its first commercial product later in the year on the BBB burger chain.

SavorEat recently signed a cooperation agreement with another international catering company, Sodexo, to launch a pilot for the US market. The two agreements complement each other, as Sodexo will focus primarily on students, while Yarzin-Sella focuses on high-end corporate catering.

“SavorEat’s vision is to spread personalized food personally, as for the first time it is the end consumer who will be in a position of power,” said Racheli Vizman, co-founder and CEO of SavorEat. “The company’s product is an innovative concept that allows the automatic and autonomous creation of meat alternatives without compromising taste and quality. Joining Yarzin-Sella is a natural and logical step forward. On the one hand, SavorEat will have access to a target audience that defends and promotes innovation, while on the other hand, it will position Yarzin-Sella as an ambassador of said innovation in its businesses. “

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