Save a Child’s Heart Africa to bring Congolese children to Israel

Following the visit of the President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Felix Tshisekedi, to Jerusalem last week, businessman Haim Taib, president of the Mitrelli Group, as a gesture to the Congolese president, has decided to bring a group of Congolese children who suffer from heart disease. to Wolfson Hospital in Israel in the next few weeks.

As president of the non-profit organization Save a Child’s Heart Africa, the initiative is part of Taib’s humanitarian efforts together with Simon Fisher, executive director of Save a Child’s Heart. The nonprofit organization has been working for 25 years to save the lives of children with heart disease from countries where access to pediatric cardiology is absent or limited. Recently, the organization has saved children from several African countries, including Zambia, Kenya, Rwanda, and Ethiopia. Since its inception, it has saved some 6,000 children in 62 countries around the world and brought more than 140 doctors to Israel to be trained and given the necessary tools to care for children independently and establish centers of excellence in their countries of origin.

Save a Child’s Heart is the first Israeli organization to receive the United Nations Population Award in recognition of its humanitarian activities on behalf of children with heart disease around the world.

Taib noted: “The children’s group visit to Israel will create a deep humanitarian base of trust and cooperation between the countries. For many years we have been involved in saving the lives of young children from birth to adulthood to provide them with a new opportunity for a healthy life. The group will arrive in Israel and stay at the organization’s children’s home in Holon in preparation for the medical procedures they will undergo at the hospital. “

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