Santa sends Christmas greetings from the Golan Heights

Jerusalem Santa Claus Issa Anis Kassissieh filmed his annual Christmas greeting video on the Golan Heights on Wednesday. The video, showing the holy sites of the Golan Heights and views of the Sea of ​​Galilee, will be distributed around the world in December.

The video was filmed in cooperation with the Israeli Ministry of Tourism and the Golan Economic Society’s Tourism Division.

Educated at the CWH Santa Claus School in Michigan, Kassissieh has been the official Ambassador of the Holy Land for the past six years and has been the Santa Claus of Jerusalem for the past 15 years.

Kassissieh said the reason he chose to film this year’s Christmas video on the Golan Heights is that it is a unique place that combines multiple water sources, orchards and vineyards, a variety of activities, breathtaking views and a collection of Sacred places. He also expressed the hope of visiting the Golan Heights in the winter when it is covered in snow.

The Christmas address video follows Kassissieh’s journey as Santa, which began at sunrise with a kayak trip with his Christmas tree and gifts on the Jordan River. Then, you walked among the citrus trees and almond orchards that are an important part of the Golan landscape. He then pedaled with British cyclist and four-time Tour de France winner Chris Froome and the rest of his professional cycling team Israel Start-up Nation. Santa’s journey ended in the Kursi National Park, where he imparted his message of love, peace, and joy.

Santa Claus kayaks on the Jordan River with gifts and a Christmas tree. (credit: OMRI MESIKA, ROEE PERETZ)

“Promoting religious tourism in the Holy Land around the world is one of my most important missions as Minister of Tourism,” said Yoel Razvozov. “Religious tourism builds bridges between peoples and countries, strengthens our international and diplomatic relations, and represents an important anchor for incoming tourism.

“The Israel Ministry of Tourism will continue to invest significant resources and efforts to maintain, improve and make accessible tourist sites that are important to all religions for tourists from around the world.”

“We are proud and pleased that the Ambassador of the Holy Land has chosen to film his Christmas greetings video in the beautiful Golan Heights,” said the manager of Portal Limor of the Tourism Division of the Golan Economic Society. “This impressive area, with its breathtaking views and unique site, attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year from all over the world.

    Santa Claus with four-time Tour de France winner Chris Froome on the Golan Heights.  (credit: OMRI MESIKA, ROEE PERETZ) Santa Claus with four-time Tour de France winner Chris Froome on the Golan Heights. (credit: OMRI MESIKA, ROEE PERETZ)

“We are excited about the reopening of Israel’s skies and the return of incoming tourism. Israel is a religious and tourist destination for more than two billion Christians around the world, and we are confident that this Christmas greetings video, with their views of the Golan will encourage them to visit and add Golan heritage sites, walks and agricultural products to their Israel vacation experience. “

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