Republican Spending Bill Strategy: Making Democrats Get Tough Votes

Republicans are planning their lines of attack against President BidenJoe Biden Video showing violence removed from Rep. Gosar’s account after pushback Federal judge rejects Trump’s effort to block Jan.6 documents Expected price increases raise political stakes for Biden MOREspending bill as they prepare to try to water down the legislation and squeeze Democrats with tough votes.

After months of being stuck on the sidelines as Democrats haggled over legislation, Senate Republicans will soon have a chance to change the bill.

Republicans hope to replicate some of their success from a budget fight earlier this year, where they were able to secure several non-binding changes, but also gather fodder to use against Democrats in the 2022 midterm elections.

“Usually we have buckets and there is some kind of rhyme, reason or methodology to our madness,” Sen said. John thuneJohn Randolph ThuneManchin criticizes ‘hostile’ political environment ‘An earthquake’: GOP soars after beating by Democrats Tuesday as Democrats pressed panic button after Virginia collapse MORE (SD), the second Senate Republican. “There is a particular strategy and issues that we want to get votes on.”

The House could vote on the climate and social spending bill as early as next week, and prepare it for Senate consideration. Because Democrats are using arcane budget rules to avoid the threat of Republican obstructionism, they have to go through a chaotic process on the floor known as vote-a-branch.

That process, which often lasts all night, allows senators to force a vote on any changes to the measure. It gives Republicans their best chance to influence the bill, which everyone is expected to oppose in the end, and many amendments only need a simple majority to add. That means if Republicans can remove a single Democrat, while maintaining their own unified group, they could incorporate their idea into legislation or water down a provision they oppose.

“There is an amendment process, and you can be sure that we will have a robust amendment process during the branch vote,” said the Senate minority leader. Mitch McConnellAddison (Mitch) Mitchell McConnellTrump taunts ‘Old Raven Mitch’ McConnell about Biden’s infrastructure. (R-Ky.) He told reporters during a recent press conference.

Republicans adopted a similar tactic on a coronavirus relief bill earlier this year, raising concerns that the senator could take off. Joe manchinJoe Manchin: Expected Price Hikes Raise Political Stakes for Biden Justice Co-Founder Democrats: Democrats Have Allowed Manchin, Sinema to Become Party “Dictators” Biden Calls for Democratic Unity at DNC ​​Event MORE (DW.Va.) on an unemployment amendment threw the bill into limbo for hours as Democrats tried to come to terms with Manchin.

Republicans could try to peel outside of Manchin, who has rejected the language of paid leave, a nicotine tax and weather regulations, and Sen. Kyrsten CinemaKyrsten SinemaJustice Democrats co-founder: Democrats have allowed Manchin, Sinema to become “dictators” of the Galician party in a possible candidacy for 2024: “I never say no to the future” Pick a moment and stick with it MORE (D-Ariz.), As well as Democrats for next year’s elections.

“The best we can do if we want to change the bill, or derail it … you have to find a way to make the amendments attractive to Democrats,” Thune said.

The Democrats’ bill, while still being negotiated in the Senate, touches on a wide range of policy areas, including housing, child care, education, climate change, immigration and tax reform.

No Republicans are expected to vote for the legislation in the House or Senate, and Republican lawmakers label it a “reckless tax and spending spree.”

Republicans have already had two early victories, and the Senate MP warned Democrats that two plans to provide a path to citizenship for millions of immigrants failed to meet the rules governing what can be passed in the budget process. Republican employees argued to the Senate referee that the two plans did not fall within the realm of reconciliation, although activists are now urging Democrats to ignore the guidance.

While waiting for the bill, Republicans are launching token attempts to stop the legislation. McConnell and top Republican senators sent the Senate Majority Leader Charles schumerChuck SchumerGOP Delves into Blocking Diplomatic Selections by Biden Sununu Says He Will Decide on Senate Run ‘Next Week’ Christie on 2020 Election: ‘No Matter Where You Are, It’s Over’ MORE (DN.Y.) a letter requesting both a Congressional Budget Office score, which looks at the cost of a bill, and hearings.

Its. Lindsey grahamLindsey Olin Graham Senate Republican Party Fears Trump May Derail Majority Bid Tucker Carlson criticizes Graham for the report that told officers to shoot the rioters on January 6 Graham told officers on January 6 January to use their weapons against the rioters: MORE report (SC), the top Republican on the Budget Committee, said he would invite the research group behind Penn Wharton’s Budget Model, which predicted that the Democratic bill could cost $ 4 trillion in a decade if all the provisions of expenses and income became permanent. , to declare.

“Whether [Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie] Sanders [I-Vt.] allows me to do that as part of the committee, I’ll do it as a side event, “he said.

But Senate Democrats are expected to take the bill, once it goes through the House, straight to the floor, meaning Republicans’ best chance is to make changes in the middle of the branch vote.

Graham pointed to three areas that would be central to Republican change attempts once the legislation is in the Senate: the electric vehicle tax credit, immigration, and a plan to extend the child tax credit.

“This reconciliation bill is a fraud. It is going to fuel the inflation problems we have in the country and it rewards special interests at the public’s expense. I disagree with both the process and the substance, ”Graham said.

Sen. Rick Scott (Florida), who chairs the Senate’s Republican campaign arm, has also targeted a plan to lift the state and local tax deduction (SALT) limit. House Democrats are considering raising the deduction limit from $ 10,000 to $ 80,000 through 2030, while Senate Democrats are considering dropping the $ 10,000 limit but exempting taxpayers with income between $ 400,000 and $ 550,000 .

Scott accused Democrats of creating a “deal” and “huge tax breaks for their wealthy friends in high-tax liberal states with a massive repeal of the SALT limit.”

Republicans also got non-binding amendments included in a budget resolution earlier this year that gave the green light to the spending bill, providing a potential roadmap for Republican senators as to which amendments could be top for Democratic support. The non-binding amendments Republicans were able to make in the budget resolution include proposals to oppose the elimination of police funding, preserve the Hyde Amendment, hire 100,000 police officers and a non-binding immigration language.

Thune said he, Graham and Republican senators on key committees will examine Republican amendments in advance, though he acknowledged that vote-a-branch can be an “open game” because any senator can force an amendment.

“We try to find out what the universe is as much as possible. We give them priority, ”he said. “We have a way to find out what we want to be voted on.”

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