Republican centrists are increasingly being attacked by their own party

The 13 House Republicans who voted for the bipartisan infrastructure bill are being ridiculed as traitors and threatened with primary challenges from far-right lawmakers for breaking party lines to help give President BidenJoe Biden Video showing violence removed from Rep. Gosar’s account after pushback Federal judge rejects Trump’s effort to block Jan.6 documents Expected price increases raise political stakes for Biden MORE a long-sought legislative victory.

The attacks come from other Republicans in the House of Representatives, including Representatives. Marjorie Taylor GreeneMarjorie Taylor GreeneGOP’s Efforts to Minimize the Danger of Capitol Riots Increase The Memorandum: Now What for Anti-Trump Republicans? Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Says She Will Meet With Trump ‘Soon’ In Florida MORE (Georgia) and Madison Cawthorn (NC), who denounced them as “traitors” who “voted to help Biden screw America.” Both promised to back the main challengers.

Greene tweeted the office phone numbers of the 13 Republicans, whom he criticized for having “turned over their voting cards to Nancy pelosiNancy Pelosi Video showing violence removed from Rep Gosar’s account after setback Overnight Energy and Environment – Presented by ExxonMobil – Biden Invests Trump in Owl Habitats Healthcare Overnight – Presented by Rare Access Action Project – Pfizer wants reinforcements for everyone MORE to approve the communist takeover of the United States by Joe Biden through the so-called infrastructure. “

That led to a flood of angry and sometimes threatening phone calls to the Rep’s office. Fred uptonFrederick (Fred) Stephen Upton GOP Representative Shares Threatening Voicemails After Infrastructure Vote Lawmakers Who Opposed Their Parties On Infrastructure Bill T DeGette Call For ‘Efficient And Efficient’ Health Research Agency To Address diabetes PLUS (Michigan), one of 13 Republicans who voted for the infrastructure bill.

A Upton spokesperson confirmed to The Hill that his office had received more than 1,000 calls since Greene tweeted the phone number, with an estimated more than 90 percent coming from people outside the district.

Upton shared the audio of a threatening message during an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, in which a man called the Michigan Republican a “bloody traitor.” The man added: “I hope he dies. I hope everyone in your damn family dies. “

“This is very disturbing adult language, to say the least, that’s really scary and a real, real bad mark in terms of civility across the country, as we’ve seen these issues like this jump,” Upton said.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthyKevin McCarthy Memo: Experts Warn of New Violence Amid Gosar Storm In New Hampshire, Cheney Says Trump ‘at War’ with Constitution Gosar’s sister labels lawmaker a ‘sociopath’ after Ocasio- Cortez, Biden tweeted MORE (R-Calif.) He has not publicly commented on the threats received by Upton’s office. He has not publicly criticized GOP members who voted for the infrastructure bill, which was also backed by the Senate minority leader. Mitch McConnellAddison (Mitch) Mitchell McConnellTrump taunts ‘Old Raven Mitch’ McConnell about Biden’s infrastructure. (R-Ky.) And 18 other Senate Republicans.

McCarthy is also receiving criticism for a photo-manipulated anime video posted by the far-right rep. Paul gosarPaul Anthony GosarVideo showing violence removed from Representative Gosar’s account after pushback The Memo: Experts warn of new violence amid Gosar storm Gosar’s sister labels lawmaker a ‘sociopath’ after Ocasio -Cortez, Biden tweeted MORE (R-Ariz.), An ally of Greene, depicting him killing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-CortezAlexandria Ocasio-CortezVideo showing violence removed from Representative Gosar’s account after pushback Energy and environment overnight – Presented by ExxonMobil – Biden invests Trump on owl habitats Memo: Experts warn of new violence amidst the storm of Gosar MORE (DN.Y.) and brandishing swords at Biden. McCarthy, at the time of publication, had also not commented on Gosar’s video.

Several of the 13 Republicans represent competitive districts and have bet that taking credit for helping enact new infrastructure projects like highways, bridges and broadband networks will pay off for their constituents.

But in the meantime, they face intense backlash from the right for daring to break party lines in a way that also fuels Biden, who a significant number of Republican voters do not believe was legitimately elected because of the ex President TrumpDonald Trump Federal judge rejects Trump’s effort to block the release of the documents on January 6 Sununu underscores the uncertain path of the Republican Party to obtain a majority in the Senate Trump endorses Idaho lt. gov. against the incumbent Republican leader MOREfalse claims about the election.

Many of the 13 Republicans also cast their votes before the bill garnered 218 votes on the House floor Friday night, rather than forcing Democrats to gather enough votes on their own first. That gave Democrats leeway for defections after a long day of infighting and allowed a handful of progressives to vote against them in protest of the party’s strategy.

Cawthorn promised that he would “pull out the primaries” of any Republican who backed the infrastructure bill. And Greene asked not only to defeat them in the primaries, but also to eliminate their committee assignments.

Greene, who was ousted from House committees earlier this year for embracing conspiracy theories and appearing to endorse violence against Democrats, went further by calling for similar treatment for Republicans who voted for the bill. infrastructure.

“The ‘Majority Creators’ simply became Creators of Socialism. There is only one cure. Remove them from committees. Stop helping them financially. They don’t deserve it and they solidly demonstrated it by delivering Biden’s agenda. Put them first and build a better party that serves America, ”Greene tweeted.

Greene and Rep. Matt gaetzMatthew (Matt) GaetzGreene granted permission to enter the ‘patriot wing’ of the DC jail to visit the defendants on January 6. Good Republicans in government may be democracy’s last hope. Greene racks up at least K in fines for ignoring the House mask’s mandate. PLUS (R-Fla.) They have particularly directed their anger towards Rep. John katkoJohn Michael Katko Legislators Who Opposed Their Parties on Infrastructure Bill T Hillicon Valley: Feds Target Groups Critical to National Security Federal Drive to Identify and Protect Critical Groups from Hackers Gains Momentum PLUS (NY), the top Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee.

Katko, who represents a district that Biden won by 9 points in 2020, called the bill “a one-time investment in a generation in our nation’s physical infrastructure” and “a victory for central New York.”

But Greene and Gaetz highlighted Katko’s additional votes this year by joining Democrats in support of impeaching Trump after Jan.6, removing Greene’s committee assignments, creating a bipartisan commission to investigate Jan.6, and keeping the former. Trump strategist Stephen Bannon in contempt of Congress as evidence of what they see as insufficient party loyalty.

“I think John Katko should immediately be removed as the Republican leader on the Homeland Security Committee, and everyone else who voted for these bills,” Gaetz said Monday in an interview with Newsmax.

A McCarthy spokesman did not respond to a request for comment Tuesday on whether he backed the Greene-Gaetz push.

But so far, Republican leaders in the House of Representatives have chosen not to expel committee members for breaking the party line in other ways this year. GOP representatives. Liz cheneyElizabeth (Liz) Lynn Cheney In New Hampshire, Cheney Says Trump ‘At War’ With Constitution Kinzinger Says He Considered Firing A Gun On January 6 Kinzinger: Using ‘Fear And Darkness’ Will Win Midterm Elections In 2022, Will Cost The Long-term Republican Party MORE (Wyoming) and Adam kinzingerAdam Daniel Kinzinger (Ill.) They have not been stripped of their committee assignments after they accepted an invitation from President Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) To serve on the select panel investigating on January 6, for example.

Kinzinger, who is not running for reelection, also voted in favor of the infrastructure bill.

House Republican leaders actively urged their grassroots to oppose the infrastructure bill, but removing committee assignments from the 13 who voted in favor would put them in the uncomfortable position of punishing them for taking the same position as McConnell and the other 18. Senate Republicans who backed him in August. That group includes Sen. Lindsey grahamLindsey Olin Graham Senate Republican Party Fears Trump May Derail Majority Bid Tucker Carlson criticizes Graham for the report that told officers to shoot the rioters on January 6 Graham told officers on January 6 January to use their weapons against the rioters: MORE report (SC), a close ally of Trump.

McConnell this week praised the infrastructure bill as a “godsend” to his state because “we have so many infrastructure needs.”

Calls from the far right to punish Republicans who voted for the infrastructure bill came as Democrats urged Republican leaders to take action against Gosar.

“There was a time when disparaging the murder of a colleague would provoke unified outrage. But not in McCarthy’s Republican Party. McCarthy’s Republican Party wants to punish members who voted for infrastructure. That is, infrastructure. But tolerating violence is fine, ”said Rep. Adam SchiffAdam Bennett Schiff All eyes on Garland after Bannon’s contempt vote House votes to hold Bannon in contempt of Congress 12:30 pm Report from The Hill – Presented by Altria – Manchin heatedly rejects rumors of leaving the Party Democrat MORE (D-Calif.) He said on Tuesday. “It’s sick.”

Kinzinger, who has grown increasingly critical of his party after he voted to impeach Trump this year, expressed his pessimism that Republican leaders would condemn Gosar for promoting political violence.

“Of course, @GOP and @GOPLeader can proactively condemn this (not a comment that gets dodged when asked about it). They will not. The ‘armpit farting’ of our policy is the reason we are failing people, ”Kinzinger tweeted.

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