Pictures show arrest of ‘mooning’ speed camera

The footage captured the moment when police officers arrested a terminally ill man after “robbing” a van with a speed camera.

Darrell Meekcom was recently diagnosed with multisystem atrophy and said it was exposed in the truck as part of a supposed list of things he wanted to do before he died.

The images were captured by Mr. Meekcom’s wife and she described the incident as “terrifying”.

West Mercia police said a 55-year-old Kidderminster man had been arrested on suspicion of indecent exposure and dangerous driving, and had been released on bail.

Local Area Commander Superintendent Mark Colquhoun said: “We appreciate that the images and comments circulating around the incident have caused some concern.

“The incident was reviewed at that time and, after considering all the facts and circumstances, including the video review of the officers’ body, I am satisfied that the officers took the appropriate action.

“The incident lasted around 38 minutes from the moment of arrival at the address and therefore lasted significantly longer than the images that are already in the media.”

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