Meghan says her push for paid leave is not political, it’s a humanitarian issue

Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, opened Tuesday about your campaign for paid family leave, the fight for gender equality in American companies and their own mental health.

“Paid leave, from my point of view, is just a humanitarian issue,” he said in a panel discussion at the DealBook Online Summit on Tuesday. The Duchess has taken a line with members of Congress to advocate for a federal guarantee. His comments echoed an open letter he wrote to lawmakers last month, urging them to recognize paid vacations as a “national right.”

“This is one of those problems that is neither red nor blue,” Meghan said. “It prepares us for economic growth and success, but it also allows people to have that sacred moment as a family.”

Meghan appeared at the summit in New York alongside Mellody hobson, the co-CEO and president of Ariel Investments, whom the Duchess described as a friend and mentor. That kind of relationship is something that they agreed is vital for women, and specifically women of color, to have in their professional lives.

“I think with mentoring … what’s so valuable is not just encouraging each other through the process of whatever discrimination we might face or whatever glass ceiling is out there,” Meghan said. “But really being the person who says, ‘Let me make this phone call for you …’ Someone who has experience and who can guide you in a really solid way.”

The two also discussed how the idea of ​​”ambition” has become a weapon against women, a “trigger word,” Meghan called it, which is too often used to praise men and criticize women.

“Why are we culturally preparing girls and women to think that if you are ‘ambitious’ there is something negative about that?”

Near the end of the discussion, the host of the event, Andrew Ross Sorkin, went from asking Meghan about Archewell, the business she co-founded with her husband, Harry, to asking her about her mental health.

“May I ask you personally: Do you feel better about everything?”

“Yes, I feel much better about everything, thank you.”

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