Israel increases airstrikes in Syria

Israel has apparently stepped up its interwar war campaign against Iran in Syria as the country’s top official warns that the IDF is accelerating its plans to deal with Iran’s nuclear program.

At least seven airstrikes against Iranian and Shiite militias have been attributed to Israel in the past month alone, the most recent on Monday in Homs province, as well as targets belonging to the Bashar al-Assad regime, as well as Iranian militias. in the northwestern coastal city of Tartus.

Last week, Israel was blamed for an airstrike targeting a military post outside Damascus and last October five people were killed in another alleged Israeli airstrike in a rare daytime attack outside Damascus.

While Israel may be taking advantage of the unusually clear skies during a season when there are generally thick clouds, it also comes weeks before Iran and the West are ready to return to the negotiating table in Vienna.

The indirect talks are being negotiated by the European Union and are aimed at getting Washington and Tehran back to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action that the United States left under former President Donald Trump.

The undersecretary general of the European External Action Service (EEAS), Enrique Mora, the Iranian deputy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abbas Araghchi, and the ambassador of Iran to the UN nuclear watchdog, Kazem Gharibabadi, await the start of a meeting of the JCPOA Joint Commission in Vienna, Austria, on May 1. , 202 (credit: EU DELEGATION TO VIENNA / BROCHURE VIA REUTERS)

Iran is believed to continue to develop the capabilities to produce a nuclear weapons arsenal as well as producing ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads.
And with no diplomatic options that can push Tehran to halt its nuclear program, Israel’s military believes that the Islamic Republic must be aware that if it continues with its program, it will face a ready military option to stop it.

IDF Chief of Staff Kohavi warned Tuesday during a meeting of the Knesset Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee that “the IDF is accelerating its operational plans and its readiness to deal with Iran and its military nuclear threat.” .

While an attack by Iranian proxies like Hezbollah is of great concern to the IDF, it is Iran’s ballistic and nuclear missile programs that are of greatest concern to Israel’s defense establishment.

“I am pleased that the budget allows us to address the range of challenges, including a significant improvement of all operational plans for procurement, training, both regular and reserve forces,” said Kohavi.

“The State of Israel has many security challenges in six different arenas,” he said, adding that “the IDF acts both on the defensive, in counterattacks and on the offensive. In the last year, we have continued to act against our enemies, including in covert operations throughout the Middle East. “

As reported by The Jerusalem PostSome 5 billion shekels from the defense budget will go exclusively to Israel’s interwar campaign against Iran. The funds will be allocated to intelligence gathering capabilities, further increasing the army’s target bank and training.

The budget will also allow the IDF to complete other major defensive projects, such as the construction of the wall along the border with Lebanon and the implementation of permanent defensive cover in Israel’s northern airspace with additional fixed Iron Dome batteries that they could shoot down the incoming drones. or missiles.

In the past year, there has also been an increase in the number of targets hit during MAMBAM operations, with most of the airstrikes targeting the Iranian entrenchment and arms smuggling into Syria and even into the sea, where alleged Israeli strikes against Iranian ships have been stopped for an estimated $ 1.2-2. millions of dollars going to terrorist groups in the Middle East.

“The IDF will continue to act to eliminate threats and will respond vigorously to any violation of sovereignty, whether from the Gaza Strip or in the north, be it an Iranian or Palestinian force.”

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