Elder Scrolls 6: Bethesda talks about delayed release

In a recent interview, Todd Howard, the director of Bethesda Game Studios, said he would like the company to be able to release the expected The Elder Scrolls VI earlier than planned, but explains the likelihood that we’ll only see the game a few years from now.

The chat has been granted to the portal IGN in celebration of the 10th anniversary of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, where Howard admitted that the rather long wait for the next release is not ideal. “Would you plan on having the kind of space we’re having between Skyrim and the sequel? I can’t say that’s good,” he said.

The director also mentioned other Bethesda games that received the company’s attention: “[…] There are other things we want to do, right? Obviously, Fallout 4 it was a huge success, we spent a lot of time on it. We wanted to go online with Fallout 76.”

starfield effect

Based on the series’ enduring popularity — The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition has just been released for next-gen — the company has been allowed to diversify and try new things like Starfield for example, while one of its most successful franchises remained “healthy”.

“Wish I could use a magic wand and just launch the game we want? For sure. But we felt like we wanted to do something like Starfield. For a long time we wanted to create a new universe. So if we didn’t do it now, when would we do it? At the time, we felt that if we didn’t start the game, it would never get off the ground.”

However, with the company’s occupation in recent years in other games, Howard tries not to give hope to the fan, but prefers to “get it right” when it is finally released.

“[…] Everything takes longer than we’d like, but we want to make sure we get it right. hopefully with Elder Scrolls VI, you don’t want to say that it’s worth the wait, but that it resists, because it will have been in a really big and impactful way when it is released.”, commented the director, alluding to the success of Skyrim, which lasts until today.

The Elder Scrolls 6 was announced at E3 2018, with a brief teaser that confirmed pre-production at Bethesda. In the same edition of the event, Starfield was also announced. While the first game still has a way to go before release, after Howard confirmed in June that the game is still in the early planning stages, the galactic adventure has proven itself to be the company’s focus, having just been released.

No release forecast, fans waiting for the continuation of Skyrim they will still need to wait a little longer and continue playing the 10-year commemorative edition — which has some new features, such as the hitherto unprecedented fishing.

Are you ready to wait a few more years for the next installment in the series?


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