United Hatzalah Volunteers Renovate Family Home After Emergency Delivery

Volunteers from the United Hatzalah medical services organization had raised money and also renovated a home in the Geula neighborhood of Jerusalem for a family they helped give an emergency birth two weeks ago.

Thanks to the help of volunteers, the woman gave birth to her sixteenth child. A volunteer, Avi, was the first to respond to the emergency delivery. He realized that the pregnant woman’s house was “in terrible condition. As United Hatzalah volunteers, we respond to emergencies in all different places and see quite a few houses that are not the cleanest or the prettiest.”

“However, after seeing this house, we were surprised that anyone could live here. Not only was it extremely dirty, it was also falling apart. It was not suitable for anyone to live in, especially a family with many children.”

It was then that Avi and other volunteers made a joint effort to help the family in need renovate their home and at the same time received donations from others who want to help.

Other problems with the home that volunteers reported included missing windows, bathroom lights or a door, as well as broken beds.

Before and after the interior of the apartment, including food and bedding purchased by the volunteers with the donation money. (credit: UNITED HATZALAH)

United Hatzalah rented an apartment for the family while their home was being renovated.

The family home was finally fixed after a couple of days, and the problems in the bathroom and kitchen were also fixed. The family received new electricity, furniture, food, and windows. The volunteers even prepared the house for Shabbat.

“This project is not finished and will continue to be an ongoing one. The group of United Hatzalah volunteers who participated in the initial response and then the renovations have taken it upon themselves to visit the family on a weekly basis to make sure all their needs are met, ”Avi said.

“The volunteer did something amazing caring for this family the way they did. To those who participated, all I can say is thank you, “said United Hatzalah President and Founder Eli Beer.


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