Telegram launches paid version for those who don’t want to see ads

On Saturday (6), Telegram CEO Pavel Durov announced the launch of a premium version of the application. The novelty is a kind of subscription that will guarantee the user the right to hide the ads that, since last week, have been present in the so-called “large channels” of the platform, those with more than a thousand participants.

While he won’t give up his slogan that “the Telegram as a messenger will always be ad-free,” Durov admits that deployed advertising is important to covering the costs of the Telegram. But it doesn’t stop there: the CEO says the platform is still looking for resources to reach its break-even point.

In this sense, the idea of ​​generating revenue through a differentiated account came from the users themselves, who proposed the introduction of a functionality to disable official advertisements on Telegram channels. According to the Russian entrepreneur, these people will be able to opt for the subscription program, upon payment of a “cheap” monthly fee, although he has not detailed neither the billing model nor the estimated amounts.

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What will Telegram’s new premium service look like?

Certainly, the decision to resort to advertising to maintain itself has already been seen with reservations by users, including the approximately 70 million earned in the month of October alone, when WhatsApp and Facebook fell for six and a half hours. But Durov guarantees that the change was essential for the service to continue guaranteeing development, with a high quality of service provided. The changes announced today were as follows:

1. Users will be able to disable ads

The service should be available this month, and provides a low-cost subscription to financially support the development of Telegram, which allows blocking official advertisements on channels.

2. Administrators will be able to turn off full channel ads

In this case, no member will be subject to advertisements, although it is not yet known how the service will work.

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