Israeli esports organization Team Finest collaborates with Pizza Hut

Israeli competitive esports gaming organization Team Finest has collaborated with Pizza Hut on joint social media activities, event tournaments and more, a local food chain representative announced Thursday.

Team Finest is known for being the first professional esports group in Israel that was founded in 2019 by Rubik Milkis.

Before its announcement to collaborate with the pizza chain, Team Finest has collaborated with companies in a multitude of areas, ranging from electronics to clothing. Examples include Logitech, Samsung, Acer, etc.

In addition, the e-sports women’s team had signed a commercial agreement with the clothing brand Fix last September, which was the first time that the Team Finest women’s team had signed a commercial agreement.

“The business collaboration with Pizza Hut marks another milestone in Finest’s growth as a leading company in the Israeli and global gaming industry,” said Amir Wehb, vice president of business development and sales for the organization. “The collaboration came in the context of Pizza Hut’s goals to invest in games by 2022.”

New York Family Pizza (Credit: Courtesy)

In June, singer-songwriter Static was reported to have become an investor and brand ambassador for the Israeli esports group. The singer participated in contests and initiatives on various media channels and even created original content for the organization.

As the first professional esports organization in the country, teams play multiple game titles including FIFA and Fortnite.

“We welcome the cooperation and connection with Team Finest, which leads to the development and growth of the e-sports industry in Israel,” said Inbal Stern, vice president of marketing for Pizza Hut Israel.

Aaron Reich contributed to this report.

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