International Cohort of Historians, Experts to Honor Jews Who Fought in WWII

About 40 historians and leading experts from universities, archives, libraries and museums from nine countries will participate in an international virtual conference this month that honors the nearly 1.5 million Jewish men and women who fought in World War II against Adolf. Hitler and the Axis Powers. .

The conference “Jewish Soldiers and Fighters in World War II” is organized by The Blavatnik Archive, with the support of the Blavatnik Family Foundation, Genesis Philanthropy Group and the David Berg Foundation.

Conference participants will explore the theme of the “Jewish soldier” through historical and contemporary lenses, presenting themes of identity, unique war experience, impact of trauma, unfair and false representation, experience captured in literature and music, and legacy.

Led by the genocide by Hitler and his allies, Jewish men and women bravely fought alongside their fellow non-Jewish military and partisan fighters to defeat a monstrous enemy, protect their home countries, and avenge the murder of their families.

Building on the Blavatnik Archive’s “Veterans Testimony Project,” consisting of 1,200 video testimonies and thousands of personal archival documents, the conference focuses on learning the lessons of those who were there.

“It is imperative that we learn from history, engage in research, education and conversation, as well as honor those who fought and remember those who tragically perished,” said Len Blavatnik, founder of Access Industries and Blavatnik Family Foundation.

Marina Yudborovsky, Executive Director of the Genesis Philanthropy Group, said: “The role and legacy of Soviet Jewish soldiers in WWII cannot be underestimated, although for many years they remained shamefully forgotten. We at Genesis Philanthropy Group believe that preserving his memory, as well as the memory of Jewish combatants in all allied armies, is important both for an accurate historical record and for strengthening the Jewish identity of today’s youth. “

The conference will take place from November 14 to 15, registration is free and available here.

The Blavatnik Archive is a non-profit foundation dedicated to preserving and disseminating materials that contribute to the study of 20th century Jewish and world history, with special emphasis on World War I, World War II, and Soviet Russia. The Archive was founded in 2005 by American industrialist and philanthropist Len Blavatnik to reflect his commitment to cultural heritage and to expand his support for primary source-based scholarship and education.

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