Egyptian Chancellor Shoukry: ‘Dispelling ideas of a potential threat is the way’

WASHINGTON – Sameh Shoukry, Egypt’s foreign minister, said on Tuesday that Egypt has welcomed the Abrahamic Accords as a positive development, “one that should encourage Israel to proceed to peace negotiations.”

The Chancellor spoke with Ambassador James Jeffrey at the Wilson Center, as part of his visit to Washington. “The potential of regional integration, the disappearance of the perceived threat, I am sure, reinforces the approach towards the resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, definitively and finally,” he said.

“Egypt led the way, more than 40 years ago and the creation of peace opened the door to Jordan and later, sadly much later, came the words of Abraham, which are again on the same line,” continued Shoukry. “We believe that dispelling ideas of a potential threat is the way forward to achieve comprehensive peace in the region, and we hope it will have that impact, but we recognize and have recognized in the last two years that there is a lack of commitment from both the Israeli and Palestinian. “

Speaking about Egypt’s role, Shoukry said his country has tried to fill that void through collaborations with the United States and the EU. “And we have also tried to fill part of that void and assure the Palestinians that there is a commitment by the international community to respect the parameters of the peace agreement,” he added.

Shoukry noted that Egypt, Jordan, Germany and France established the Munich group, “and met to reiterate what we see as the international community’s commitment to the peace process, and we continue to have conversations with our Israeli friends about the importance of go ahead on the peace negotiations to definitively end the conflict […] based on a two-state solution “.

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry (right) meets with Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi on Sunday at Cairo’s Tahrir Palace. (credit: MOHAMED ABD EL GHANY / REUTERS)

“Certainly we don’t do it out of pressure, but we do it out of conviction,” he emphasized. “We know very well that peace will not be achieved except if those involved have that conviction, that it is convenient for them to reach an agreement and definitively resolve this conflict.”

“We will do everything possible to empower them to pursue this goal,” he added, but the final analysis is that it depends on the partners. “

“We have had an in-depth discussion with the Israeli prime minister, with the Israeli foreign minister, and we will continue to have these discussions, and hopefully we will find ways to reinforce the importance of the final resolution of the conflict as a matter of opening the doors to regional cooperation in both the economic and security dimensions ”, concluded Shoukry.

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