Coca Cola Burger Month is Back

Coca Cola Israel, along with Time Out magazine, have resumed sponsorship of their “Burger Month”, combining distinctive burger creations with Coca-Cola.

The ambitious project, which began in 2019 alone, has grown to involve some 200 restaurants across the country, including some of the most famous in Israel, run by celebrity chefs.

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Table card

Table card

(Photo: Buzzy Gordon)

Each participating restaurant has designated, in consultation with Coca Cola, one of their hamburgers with special toppings for the occasion. Burgers are the centerpiece of a meal that includes a Coca Cola drink option (Classic, Diet, or Zero) and, in many cases, a side dish as well. Burger Meals of the Month start at 46 NIS.

The project encompasses restaurants of all kinds: haute cuisine, informal dinners, fast food places, hamburgers and even ethnic restaurants specializing in foreign cuisines that generally do not serve hamburgers. There are also many kosher restaurants in the mix.

All restaurants on our list serve other food in addition to burgers and offer vegetarian / vegan options. None have pork or seafood on their menus; several have menus in English and Hebrew.

Below is a list of burgers we tested and can recommend (the locations are not ranked, but are listed in alphabetical order):

Deda is the only ethnic restaurant on our list this time – this growing chain of urban and suburban restaurants specializes in Georgian food. The focus here is to treat the burger like Georgians do with much of their other food – wrapped in batter and baked.

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Grandfather Grandfather


(Photo: Buzzy Gordon)

Deda’s Burger-puri is quite unusual, much like a giant knish or a round “Wellington burger”. The exotically seasoned ground beef burger comes out well-done, but the real bonus is how neat it is to eat – the burger (with pickle and tomato) is contained within its crispy shell, so it won’t drip or become sloppy, like with so many burgers with toppings served on buns.

Instead of tomato sauce, the seasoning here is a spicy Georgian sauce that contains ground walnuts. And a big plus here is the expertly seasoned potato wedge garnish.

Finger. It is not kosher. Shalom Aleichem St. 14, Tel Aviv (plus branches in Givatayim, Bat Yam, Rishon Lezion and Netanya). Tel. 1-700-700-165.

This spacious diner-style restaurant with a sizable outdoor area survived the pandemic with a clever delivery strategy, designing distinctive clear packaging that sets F&B apart from all the rest. Those who choose to dine on site will be able to enjoy a nice soundtrack from yesteryear.

F&B has an extensive collection of burgers named after cocktails, such as Bloody Mary and Tom Collins. The Coca-Cola burger is the Sangria: a beef patty available in two sizes, topped with roast slices in barbecue sauce, caramelized onions, confit garlic, lettuce, pickles and lots of crispy fried onion chunks. The burger is served on an atypical black brioche bun and comes with two seasonings: chimichurri and a great bourbon whiskey sauce.

In fact, F&B offers six great specialty sauces, aiolis, and spreads as condiments, and they’re all worth trying. Similarly, you can stack your burger with crispy potatoes or sweet potato curls as alternatives to onion wedges.

FULL BOARD. It is not kosher. 11 Moshe Becker, Rishon Lezion. Tel. (03) 643-3422.

This popular restaurant located practically on the campus of Tel Aviv University started life as a bar, then hooked up with boutique burger specialist TLBS (The Little Burger Shop), a small venue in Dizengoff that had made a name for itself. based on their premium burgers.

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TLBS Hahooh Hatzfoni TLBS Hahooh Hatzfoni

TLBS Hahoog Hatzfoni

(Photo courtesy)

HaHoog HaTtzfoni has kept its bar vibe, with seating both at the bar and at the surrounding tables. Everything is outdoors in a covered area, which will give you additional protection from the cold in the winter months.

What makes the Coke Burger different at this northern TLBS outlet is its custom format. The basic module is the Blumenthal, one of only three burgers in total on the menu; from there, however, you can choose up to three toppings, including some gourmet treats such as lamb bacon, Buche cheese, candied chili, onion marmalade, and more.

HaHoog HaTtzfoni. It is not kosher. 54 Haim Levanon Street, Tel Aviv. Tel. (03) 654-4870.

Hamosad, not to be confused with the spy agency, is an institution dedicated to the art of the sandwich. In recent years, the most prominent sandwiches on the menu have become those featuring a hamburger between two slices of bun.

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Let's do Let's do

Let’s do

(Photo: Buzzy Gordon)

Hamosad’s approach to Coke Burger Month is a little different than everyone else: Instead of designating one of its burgers as its Coke Burger, it’s rotating four of its selection of eight colorful-named burgers: once a week a new burger will get the honor.

We tried three of the burgers that have been chosen to alternate: El Chapo, The Wonderland and The Trump. Of the trio, our favorite was the one named after the controversial American president – it was a particularly juicy veal patty topped with fried egg, onion rings (fried in a tempura beer mix), goose breast, lettuce, and tomato, and served on a soft bun moistened with homemade whiskey aioli.

Let’s do it. It is not kosher. 67 Ibn Gvirol St., Tel Aviv. Tel. (03) 582-9896.

The garage in Rishon Lezion is aptly named as it is situated on the same grounds as a gas station. At the same time, the wooden structure looks more like a roadside restaurant on a two-lane asphalt in the rural heart of the USA, with a front porch and side patio for casual al fresco dining. .

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Garage Garage


(Photo: Dudi Eisenthal)

There are two menus here, one on the placemat, plus a limited edition that must be ordered. The Coca Cola burger does not appear in either one: the Banana Special, which is actually a recreation of the Elvis. [Presley] sandwich (peanut butter, banana, and bacon) stacked on top of a beef patty. (Note: the version here is lamb bacon.) This decadent combination has to be tasted to be believed.

The Coca-Cola burger here comes with a garnish, of which we can recommend the [cubed] homemade fries, drenched in a rich brown sauce. Or go for the healthier alternative, a small salad.

Garage. It is not kosher. 151 Herzl St., Tel Aviv, Tel. (03) 649-9600.

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