Brian Epstein, the Beatles’ Jewish manager, to be honored with a statue

(JTA) – The Beatles’ Jewish manager, who is credited with leading the band to worldwide fame and success, will be commemorated with a statue in Liverpool, according to the BBC.

Brian Epstein, born on Yom Kippur to a family of Russian and Lithuanian Jewish descent, first discovered The Beatles in 1961 at the Cavern Club in Liverpool. He became the band’s manager in 1962, overseeing the group’s transformation from scruffy local band to the global sensation in a suit who would perform on “The Ed Sullivan Show” in 1963.

Epstein lived his life as an imprisoned gay man and a Jew, two identities that made life especially difficult in 1960s England. Members of The Beatles often joked with Epstein about his sexual orientation, according to a memoir written by Ivor Davis, a Jewish journalist who covered the band’s American tour in 1964.

Once, according to Davis, John Lennon joked that Epstein should name his memoirs “queer Jew.”

A spokeswoman for the Brian Epstein Legacy Project, the group behind the statue, told the BBC that it would be the first statue in Liverpool to commemorate an LGBT person.

A wooden stage at the Liverpool venue where the Beatles performed before they became famous, featuring a pair of pants worn by John Lennon, a guitar played by Paul McCartney, and a kick drum patch printed with The Beatles logo (credit: REUTERS / JANE ROSS)

“Although her sexuality was not publicly known until after her death, it was well known among her friends and business associates. [and he] He faced many personal challenges, ”the spokeswoman told the BBC.

She added: “Epstein was only 32 when he died and did not live to see the changes that could have impacted his freedom to publicly express his sexuality.” [as] the laws were changed a month after his death ”.

Epstein died of drug abuse in 1967 at the age of 32. The Beatles attended a memorial service honoring Epstein at the New London Synagogue.

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