Six accused of planning a terrorist attack against Israelis in Cyprus

Approximately 50 charges have been brought against the suspects, at least 40 of which reportedly refer to a 38-year-old Azeri-Russian hit man named Orkhan Asadov. This hit man is believed to have been paid $ 40,000 to carry out the attack, according to Politis.

Asadov was arrested on September 27. The case came to attention earlier this month when billionaire Teddy Sagi said Israeli authorities, likely Mossad, warned him that the killers were after him and he escaped from Cyprus, where he lives, to Israel.

An accomplice of the Azeri hit man, a 27-year-old Pakistani food distributor who works for a major company, was arrested in Paphos, Cyprus, in mid-October. Communications between the Pakistani and Azeri men were found on the latter’s phone. A major food company uniform was found in the possession of the Azeri assassin, probably provided by the Pakistani man to be used as a disguise.

The Pakistani man is now suspected of having ties to a Syria-based Shiite militia known as Liwa Zainebiyoun.

Police vehicles arrive at a court, where a pretrial detention order was issued against a man suspected of conspiring to assassinate Israeli businessmen on the island, in Nicosia, Cyprus (credit: YIANNIS KOURTOGLOU / REUTERS)

The Azeri assassin intended to hit his target and then escape to Turkish-occupied northern Cyprus via a crosswalk, on an electric scooter. He reportedly aroused no suspicions when he appeared on surveillance cameras. No residence was found for the killer in Cyprus, and authorities assume he lived in the north.

Politis reported that Asadov told police that he was offered the money by a man identified only as “Mohammed.” This individual allegedly asked Asadov to intimidate the Israelis in Cyprus who owe him money.

The next criminal hearing for the suspects is scheduled for December 6, Politis reported.

Lahav Harkov contributed to this report.

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