Iran’s regime sentences couple to death for adultery

The Islamic Republic of Iran sentenced an Iranian man and woman to death for adultery after the father-in-law urged the judiciary to execute his son-in-law.

According to November reports in Persian, the US government news organizations Voice of America and Radio Farda, the Iranian regime imposed the death penalty on a 27-year-old married man and his 33-year-old lover named Sareh. The married man’s wife tried to withdraw the complaint against her husband, in a last-ditch effort to save his life, but his father dismissed the attempt and demanded the death penalty.

The death penalty case was reported in the Iranian regime-controlled media outlet Shargh Daily. British news organizations, The Daily Mail and Sunas well as French media outlet AFP, reported that Iran’s regime planned to execute two gay men for having same-sex relationships. The media, according to an Iranian human rights activist, got it wrong and confused the genders. The name Sareh is not a typical female name.

“A married Iranian man and his male lover have been sentenced to death for adultery after their father-in-law demanded that they be executed,” it reported. Sun on Saturday.

“A man and a woman who had sex outside of marriage were sentenced to death in Iran. It has been approved by the Supreme Court. They are one step away from execution. Be our voice to save their lives. I call on the international community to listen to us @jack! Please do not delete this photo. ”Tweeted Masih Alinejad, the Iranian-American women’s activist and journalist.

Jack is the Twitter manager for the CEO and founder, Jack Dorsey, of the microblogging platform.

Alinejad added that “the man is 27 years old and the woman 33. Through his mobile phone, the judicial system learned that they had sexual relations outside of marriage. It is more than sad that in the 21st century ISIS is still in the power; in my beautiful country Iran. “

She said: “According to Iran’s penal code, adultery is a ‘crime against God’ for both men and women. It is punishable by 100 lashes for single men and women, but married criminals are sentenced to death.”

The Islamic Republic made international headlines in 2010 for its planned stoning to death of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, who was convicted of “adultery while married.” After international outrage over the sentence, the Iranian regime rolled back its death sentence by stoning. The regime imposed 99 lashes on Ashtiani who was observed by his teenage son.

The London Times reported in 2014 that Ashtiani was allowed out of prison after nearly nine years on death row.

Kurdistan 24 reported in 2018 that an Iranian court sentenced two Kurdish women to death on charges of adultery. “A Kurdish woman from Mako named Gulistan Jnikanlou was sentenced to death by the Khoy Criminal Court of West Azerbaijan province, accused of committing zina.”

Zina is an Arabic term that defines sexual acts prohibited by Islamic Sharia law. The legal system of the Islamic Republic classifies adultery as a “crime against God.” The Kurdish media said that a single person who is involved in adultery can be subjected to 100 lashes. “Married criminals are sentenced to death by stoning,” the newspaper wrote. CNN reported in 2013 that “Stoning continues to be the way Iranians, mostly women, are punished for committing adultery.”

The Rev. Johnnie Moore, who has experience in the Middle East, wrote The Jerusalem Post by email that “Literally, the White House has said over and over again that human rights are its top foreign policy priority. Clearly what they meant was: ‘except when it comes to Iran’. Not to mention that Iran’s covert forces in Iraq appear to have attempted to assassinate the Iraqi Prime Minister and surprise! – the statements issued by the White House and the State Department judiciously and absurdly avoid mentioning ‘Iran’ at all. “He added that” Americans, Democrats or Republicans, do not support ‘an agreement, any agreement, at any cost.’ How many more reasons does Congress need to immediately demand that the White House cancel the JCPOA negotiations scheduled to resume in Vienna on November 29? Instead, they should revoke the concessions already made and sanction everyone and everything that remains to be sanctioned. “

The JCPOA is short for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the formal name for the Iran nuclear deal.

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