Google Impact Challenge Selects Brazilian Initiative

This Monday (8), — Google’s philanthropic arm — released the list of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) selected for the Google Impact Challenge for Women and Girls, announced in March of this year. Among the projects chosen is {reprograma}, a Brazilian initiative aimed at teaching programming to women.

A total of US$25 million will be earmarked for the execution of projects that promote the empowerment of women and girls around the world. According to Jacquelline Fuller, president of, the pandemic has globally delayed expectations of gender parity by more than three decades.

“It is vital that we promote and support work aimed at empowering women and girls and helping them achieve their full economic potential, especially in marginalized communities,” she says. The president also concludes that recovery from this period of pandemic must be inclusive and that, when investing in women and girls, everyone benefits.

Google Impact Challenge for Women and Girls

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The initiative was one of 34 selected to receive support from, which focuses on skills development and career advancement, entrepreneurship and business, education and independence, and financial support. Organizations will also participate in a four-month acceleration program supported by Google.

The selection was made in partnership with a panel led by experts, including such names as Brazilian actress Taís Araújo, Minister of Culture of Portugal Graça Fonseca, singer and philanthropist Shakira and YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki. Criteria such as potential impact, capacity for innovation, feasibility and possibility of growth were evaluated.

According to Susana Ayarza, Marketing Director at Google Brazil, the challenge received thousands of “incredible and inspiring” projects aimed at combating gender inequality and creating economic opportunities, such as {reprograma}. “We hope that our support contributes to this work and can help all of them to continue making a difference in the lives of women and girls around the world”, she says. Meet all selected organizations this page.


(Source: {reprogram}/Reproduction)(Source: {reprogram}/Reproduction)Source: {reprogram}

Founded in 2016, the initiative is dedicated to teaching programming to Brazilian women, helping to ensure access to opportunities in the technology market, where women still have a small part of the workforce.

The organization will use the funding to expand its operations in the country, offering courses in new programming languages, at different levels, for women who have never had contact with technology and also those who have taken the first steps and want to learn more.

According to Mariel Reyes Milk, CEO and founder of {reprogram}, the intention is to reach a growing number of diverse women, under-represented groups, to empower them with knowledge, so that they can transform their lives and those around them.

“By bringing more diversity to technology, we also transform the business; I believe that different ways of thinking contribute to solving problems and creating products and services that meet the needs of society as a whole,” says Milk.

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