Arizona Congressman Uses Attack on Titan Intro to Attack Democrats

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar shared a video Sunday night parodying the intro sequence to the popular anime show. Attack on Titan in which he describes himself as the hero.

Gosar, a Republican and a fervent supporter of former President Donald Trump, shared a video featuring the famous theme song from the first half of the show’s first season.
Attack on Titan, a manga that later became an anime, tells the story of a city at war with external monstrosities: violent giants known as titans. Gosar uploaded the video to Twitter and said, “Any anime fans?”

The video shows Gosar’s photo over a White House photograph. It is followed by short clips of immigrants working their way in retouched blood along the edge of the video. This is followed by a video glorifying Border Patrol officers while they are lined up.

Gosar is depicted as part of a group of Republicans who act as the Survey Corps, a fictitious branch of the military in Attack on Titan who fights against the titans. Their faces were retouched into the cartoon bodies of the show’s main characters, while the Titans were retouched to have the faces of Democrats like New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and US President Joe Biden.

The video climaxes when it shows Eren Yeager, the show’s protagonist, attacking Biden’s massive face like a titan.

The clip ends with a quick montage of Republicans and Democrats, ending in several clips by Gosar himself.

Gosar has aggressively opposed immigration to the United States in his policies and actions. He has also sided with far-right politicians and activists, including Nick Fuentes, who has expressed his denial of the Holocaust.

Fuentes has questioned the number of Jews who were killed in the Holocaust and believes that Israel has a malicious influence on American politics.

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