ALYN Hospital joins PIM in medical innovation, education, care

ALYN Hospital’s Pediatric and Adolescent Rehabilitation Center announced a joint venture with healthcare provider Philadelphia International Medicine (PIM) on Monday. The collaboration aims to promote education, research, innovation and care.

The new initiative, known as ALYN-PIM Health Gateway, will focus on sharing technology and medical expertise. Collaboration opportunities include physician exchanges, hospital management conferences, consulting, and additional training.

“Medical education, research and innovation are ongoing activities at ALYN, bringing considerable benefits not only to our staff but primarily to our patients,” said Dr. Maurit Beeri, CEO of ALYN Hospital. “By partnering with PIM, we can build a valuable gateway to healthcare, connecting our medical and professional teams. We look forward to identifying and developing collaborative initiatives such as physician exchanges, research projects and more. ”

The ALYN Hospital Pediatric Center is one of Israel’s leading healthcare providers for children and young adults with physical disabilities and disabilities. ALYN was founded in Jerusalem in 1932 and participated in Israel’s fight against polio disease in the 1940s and 1950s.

Philadelphia International Medicine (PIM) is a healthcare provider that connects hospitals and the medical community around the world with a network of ten medical centers in the Philadelphia area. PIM provides staffing, training and research opportunities through its network of Philadelphia area hospitals.

The downtown Philadelphia skyline (credit: REUTERS)

Edgar Vesga, CEO and President of PIM, was “very excited” about the collaboration.

“It is important to us that we can continue to make quality healthcare available to international patients, and we see cooperation between the centers of excellence in Philadelphia and Jerusalem as an ideal way to achieve this goal,” he said. “Connecting Israel with Philadelphia opens many doors for both PIM and ALYN to collaborate in future efforts to improve the future of medicine.”

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