To take off! Hebrew U students launch rocket in southern Israel

Students from the Rocketry Club of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem launched an experimental rocket from Kibbutz Beit Nir in southern Israel on Friday, the university announced on Sunday.

The rocket launch was one of the first of its kind in a long time in Israel, as it was informal, civilian and not confidential. The bright pink medium-sized rocket, named RAM-1: RAM due to the fact that it was assembled on the university’s Givat “Ram” campus, managed to reach a height of approximately 2,360 feet (720 meters) and a speed of approximately 260 mph (430 km / h). The rocket was painted pink to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Approximately 30 members of the Rocketry Club were in attendance at the launch, along with dozens of additional viewers, including representatives from industry and academia. Zik Di-Noore, an Israeli pyrotechnic company, was entrusted with the pyrotechnic side of the launch.

Several companies and organizations attended the project, including Rafael, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), Condor Pacific and Technion, among others.

The students conducted tests and measurements and flight-related data were transmitted to a ground station during launch. The rocket managed to land safely by deploying a parachute, avoiding damage to the sensitive and electronic equipment installed on it.

“In our opinion, important achievements have been made. We reached the required altitude, we were able to open the parachute and we were able to get real-time telemetry. The telemetry, experiment and storage information of the rocket will be deciphered later. It will start soon. a long process of analyzing the results, “the club said in a statement on the Hebrew University website.

The Rocketry Club stated that the experiment was conducted to help balance the negative connotation that the word “rocket” has in Israel due to its use by terrorist groups, and to remind people that rockets also have positive uses.

This is the third year that the club’s enrichment program has been held at the Spice Institute of Physics at the Hebrew University.

“Such a club allows for slightly less formal interaction and hearing from researchers and content experts about themselves and the research and experiments they are conducting,” said Professor Reem Sari, a member of the steering committee of the club and the Vice President of Research and Development of the university. “In addition, students gain experience in teamwork and bring the various knowledge acquired during the career to expression on the way to solving a real engineering problem.”

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