Noted Shas Rabbi: Liberman, Russians Are ‘Prattling’ Heretics

The prominent spiritual leader and head of Shas, Rabbi Meir Mazuz, said Saturday night regarding Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman that “in Russia there is no religion” and that Reform Judaism destroyed the Jewish religion.

“Liberman comes from Russia. In Russia there is no religion, there is nothing,” he said during his weekly sermon on Saturday night.

Liberman is from present-day Moldova.

“Russians are heretics … They chatter what they want. In Russian there are teachers, but [the Russians] I don’t know anything here. There [in Russia] develop nuclear capabilitiesgar’een), and here they sell seeds (gar’een). And where did that get them from? They starved to death. Anyone who says something is sent to Siberia. [and disappears] in darkness and despair, “he said.

“But when you follow the Torah, when you honor the Torah and respect Am Israel, and in Russia [there are those] who care about Am Yisrael. [Russian Chief Rabbi] Rabbi Berel Lazar did some very good things. He went to Dubai, brought some observant Jews and, for the first time in history, held a wedding in Dubai based on halacha. And the Arabs say: ‘How cute! Look at this nation! ‘”

Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman seen during a plenary session and a vote on the state budget in the assembly hall of the Israeli parliament, in Jerusalem, on November 3, 2021 (credit: OLIVIER FITOUSSI / FLASH90).

Mazuz then went on to denounce Reform Judaism.

“Those Reform Jews destroyed Judaism. They are neither blessed nor cursed. On the one hand a priest and on the other a rabbi. One blesses and the other curses. This brought destruction to Israel,” he said.

Mazuz is a Sephardic Haredi rabbi and political leader in Israel, the dean of the yeshiva Kisse Rahamim and the son of Tunisian rabbi and judge, Rabbi Matzliah Mazuz. He is considered the spiritual leader of Tunisian Jews and was the spiritual patron of former Shas president Eli Yishai, who lost a leadership battle to current Shas leader Arye Deri in 2013.

Mazuz has a history of making racist and anti-LGBT comments.

“We are strict with the words of the Torah washing our hands and the rest of the commandments,” Mazuz said at the time.

“This pride parade is a parade against nature, and anyone who does something against nature, the one who created nature, takes revenge on him,” he said. “When you do things against nature, you put your hand in the fire and pray that the fire does not burn you. It burns you! Here they are doing [something] against nature in impertinence: the parade of pride. What are you proud of?”

Mazuz claimed that all countries that have parades had been affected by the virus, but that Arab countries that did not have gay pride parades did not have the virus, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and several other countries. throughout the Middle East.

Furthermore, in the March 2021 elections, Mazuz praised the religious-Zionist leader, Rabbi Zvi Tau, who is the spiritual patron of the anti-LGBT Noam Party. Noam joined the far-right Otzma Yehudit Party, which later joined the Smotrich National Union to form the Religious Zionist Party.

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