Model claims businessman Moshe Hogeg forced her on himself

A well-known model claimed that businessman Moshe Hogeg forced her when she was 17, Channel 13 reported Sunday.

While she told her agent about the incident, he kept the incident from her parents and did not alert authorities. The model also did not report the incident to the authorities.

The model stated that Hogeg entered her hotel room and tried to commit a sexual act with her, but she refused. Hogeg and the model’s agent allegedly had business connections and Hogeg allegedly had connections to other models at the agency.

Channel 13 stated that it conducted a thorough and in-depth investigation into the matter, but that a court had implemented a gag order in relation to more details about the case. Channel 13 intends to request that the order be removed.

Hogeg has denied the allegations, saying the act was carried out with full consent and that he has undergone a polygraph in connection with the allegations.

Moshe Hogeg, co-founder and president of British-Israeli start-up Sirin Labs AG, makers of Solarin, a mobile device with unprecedented levels of technology and security, speaks during an interview with Reuters at its offices in Tel Aviv, Israel. December 16, 2016 (credit: AMIR COHEN / REUTERS)

“I have never harassed, attacked or forced any woman, and I am sure the accusations made are false,” Hogeg told Channel 13. “The same statement is outrageous as there is nothing more disgusting in my eyes than forcing a relationship on” A woman. A polygraph test that I voluntarily submitted proves it beyond any doubt. I also have other clear evidence to prove my version, but for individual privacy reasons I did not disclose it to the media. “

Hogeg also claimed that the claims were published on purpose now, as a man had recently been trying to extort money from him, threatening to publish the claims if he did not pay him.

The allegations come amid a series of allegations of sexual assault and misconduct against high-profile figures in recent months, including Gal Uchovsky and Shai Avital.

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