Latet organizes conference on social challenges related to COVID

Latet’s first ever “Road to Resilience” conference aimed at mitigating the social crises that resulted from COVID-19 was held on Thursday.

The conference included people from Israel and the United States, including politicians, leaders, businessmen and social activists who participated in four panel discussions: from “COVID-19 to Poverty-21”, “Fighting Food Insecurity”, ” The challenges faced by the Elderly ”and“ Social responsibility in high technology ”.

Speakers included Claire Babineux-Fontenot, CEO of Feeding America, Eric S. Goldstein, CEO of the UJA Federation of New York, Michael Balaban, president and CEO of the Jewish Federation of Philadelphia, and Tomer Bar-Zeev, co-founder and CEO from IronSource.

Latet’s Annual Alternative Poverty Report in 2020 showed that hundreds of thousands of families in Israel have been in financial trouble due to COVID-19, and the situation for low-income families has gotten much worse. The report showed that 22% of families in Israel suffer from nutritional insecurity and 32% of children cannot get the nutritious food they need.

“The way we will get through this is together,” said Greater Los Angeles Jewish Federation President and CEO Jay Sanderson. “When someone can’t figure out how they will get to the next day, whether they live in the United States or Israel, the challenges are the same. The way we seek solutions must be done together. We must share resources.”

A screenshot of President Isaac Herzog speaking at The Road to Resilience conference. (credit: courtesy)

“We have the opportunity to build collective intelligence together that will allow us to increase the scope of our activity in the field because around the world, we will be looking for the same solutions,” said Latet founder and president Gilles Darmon. “We have no choice if we want to find the path to resilience.”

“We are in the midst of a time rich in opportunity for positive change and fraught with risk if we do not choose to change,” Babineaux-Fontenot said.

“If we want to realize the vision of the founders of Israel, we need to be leaders not only in technological unicorns, but also in Tikkun Olam,” said Israeli President Isaac Herzog. “We need to be a center not only of high technology but also of high moral responsibility.

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