KKL halts financing costs for seizure of Palestinian building in Hebron

A vote on the payment totaling NIS 180,000 was scheduled for Thursday, but was canceled after KKL chair Avraham Duvdevani told a subcommittee of the KKL leadership that the organization would not pay the guarantee, after receive the legal position document.

The guarantee payment relates to the legal fight for a residential building in Hebron, in the West Bank, known as Beit Bakri, which was confiscated from its Palestinian owners by groups of settlers in the city in the early 2000s.

An Israeli court ruled in 2019 that the settler groups would evacuate the building and pay substantial fees to the Palestinian owners, but the settler organizations appealed against the eviction as the KKL controversially purchased the ground floor of the building shortly before the eviction court ruling. . .

The court agreed to hear the appeal on the condition that the person living on the ground floor owned by KKL pays NIS 180,000 as a guarantee that he will respect his final decision.

The southern area of ​​Mount Hebron, seen from the hills where the city of Karmei Katif will be built. (credit: FAIRY PARUSH / FLASH90)

One of the settler organizations involved in the seizure of Beit Bakri subsequently requested that KKL pay the guarantee, which in fact it began to do by paying various installments thus far for just under NIS 110,000.

Left and center representatives on the KKL board of directors strongly opposed this aid to the Hebron settler groups and demanded that the payment of the outstanding amount of the guarantee be put to a vote at the board last Thursday.

And the chairman of KKL’s external audit committee wrote a legal opinion sent to Duvdevani and others stating that if the settler organization that asked KKL to pay the guarantee has the necessary funds, as the group has informed KKL, then KKL should not pay the warranty. the money.

Subsequently, Duvdevani informed the subcommittee of the leadership of this opinion and that, therefore, he would not pay the guarantee, and the motion against the payments was removed from the agenda of Thursday’s meeting.

It is not yet clear whether KKL will request that the settler organization return the 110,000 NIS that KKL has already paid for the guarantee.

“We are very pleased that KKL is not deepening its involvement in the misguided purchase of Beit Bakri,” said Gadi Perl, a member of the KKL Board of Directors of Masorti Olami who had appealed against the payments.


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