Soldier received a certificate for promoting the unit, the IDF on TikTok

St.-Sgt. Yael Deri, a Military Police officer, received a unique certificate of appreciation on Tuesday for promoting Israel and the IDF to more than 1.7 million followers on popular video-sharing social media platform TikTok, Kan reported.

Deri, who is nearing his release from the IDF, uploaded many videos during his military service. Some of them showed her training and everyday tasks, while others showed her answering questions from her followers, usually those based on strong anti-Israel sentiment.

In one video, Deri is seen dancing with fellow soldiers as a phrase appears: “The questions we get when people hear that we are in the Israeli army.”

The first question is “How many children did you kill today?” Then a response comes up, “0, we’re actually saving them.”

A different video begins with the title, “Things that people tell us when they hear that we are in the army of ISRAEL.” These include “My grandmother is older than your country”, to which Deri responds: “But still … we have a country”; “Israel brings models in uniform, you are not real soldiers”, to which she responds with “Us? Models? Nahhhh”; “What is it like to live in a stolen country?” – “I don’t know” you tell me “;” Are you forced to be in the army? “-” No, we are defending our country “, and more.

The TikTok logo is seen on a screen above Times Square in New York City, USA, March 6, 2020 (credit: REUTERS / ANDREW KELLY)

Deri received the certificate from the OC Military Police Brigadier General. Avichai Mibar, in what was the first of its kind in the IDF.

“I think you did a great service to the [Military Police] body and this is an opportunity to thank them for this, ”said Mibar.

The certificate highlighted Deri’s contribution to “strengthening and improving the reputation of the Military Police force.”

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