Lockdown artist doesn’t want to be a professional painter

A teenage girl who became successful after starting to paint in a confinement has said she doesn’t want to become an artist in the long run.

When schools closed in March 2020, 14-year-old Makenzy Beard from Swansea began painting on canvas in her garden shed.

She made headlines after a portrait of her neighbor, Gower farmer John Tucker, was displayed at the Young Artists Summer Show during July and August at the Royal Academy of Arts.

His latest painting is particularly special, as it features his grandfather.

But while Makenzy said it was “comforting” to have something to draw on, she didn’t think she wanted to paint as a career, as it might ruin her enjoyment of brushing.

“There is a joy that gives me squeezing the painting and that makes it a reward, among everything I do, and I think I must continue like this if I am going to enjoy it.”


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