Digital Workbook reaches 500 million hits

Data from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security show that the services of the Digital Work Card have reached the mark of 500 million accesses, since its creation in January 2019. The tool allows workers to monitor their career records in government databases, including those that were already registered in the physical Work Card.

In 2021 alone, 231 million accesses were registered, both through the application and through the Government portal. In the application, in addition to participating in the user’s working life, it is possible to apply for unemployment insurance and monitor the Abono Salarial.

In 2020, the tool was an instrument for workers to monitor the payment of the Emergency Benefit for the Preservation of Employment and Income (BEM) — responsible for preserving 10.3 million jobs and in 2021, 2.6 million.

Digital Work Card

(Source: Escobar Advogados/Reproduction)Source: Escobar Lawyers

On September 23, 2019, the Digital Work Card replaced the physical document (Ordinance No. 1,065). Therefore, every Brazilian or foreigner who has a Register of Individuals (CPF) will not need to issue a physical card, being automatically registered for hiring in companies that use eSocial.

Available free of charge on the App Store, Play Store, or on the web portal, the Digital Work Card offers practicality and speed in the processes of admission and updating of information about workers, such as vacations and job changes.

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