Jewish Grandparents Network offers families virtual Jewish experiences

the Jewish Grandparents Network (JGN), an organization that provides resources for older generations of Jews, is expanding its operations with the launch of “The family room, “a virtual space in which grandparents can participate in Jewish activities with their families.
According to a national study Of the Jewish grandparents published by the organization in 2019, 71% of Jewish grandparents felt it was important to pass on their Jewish values ​​to their grandchildren and 70% felt it was important to teach their grandchildren about Jewish heritage.
While the COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for grandparents to teach their grandchildren about Judaism, The Family Room aims to facilitate this through virtual experiences.

The Family Room offers multiple virtual activities through which grandparents can participate in Jewish experiences with their grandchildren, including “the arts; celebrations and holidays; cooking and food; family stories; gardening and the land; health and wellness; play.” ; and a reading room “. , “according to the organization. In the” Arts “space, participants watch 5-minute videos that teach dance and” Family Stories “includes templates to learn about family history through portraits, videos, photos and recordings.

“Grandparents can infuse almost any activity they like to do with their grandchildren with some form of Jewish learning,” said Jewish Grandparents Network Director of Creative Partnerships Terry Kaye. “Gardening, yoga, cooking, dancing, Minecraft – all these activities can be enriched by Jewish learning and values.”

Parents and grandparents with a child on their birthday (credit: ING IMAGE / ASAP)

To provide quality content, the organization enlisted experts including filmmaker and author Tiffany Shlain, BrainSavers cognitive fitness experts, artist Hanoch Piven, professor and family history expert Dr. Marshall Duke, and the Jewish Library Association. . The network hopes that the programs you put together with these professionals will be excellent resources for grandparents. Duke will discuss the importance of family stories on November 16.

In addition to these activities and programs, JGN will host a podcast and various family retreats.

“Grandparents are a hidden treasure in plain sight. We are a living bridge from our past to our Jewish future, “said JGN president and co-founder Lee M. Hendler, who is also a grandmother.” Regardless of how we choose to connect with Judaism, we know that it can add joy and meaning to the lives of our families and deepen the special relationship we have with our grandchildren. Supporting and enriching these connections is what we do at the Jewish Grandparents Network. “

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