Greene granted permission to enter the ‘patriot wing’ of the DC jail to visit the defendants on January 6

Republican Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene (Georgia) finally gained access late Thursday night to enter the DC Department of Corrections to visit the accused protesters on January 6 after months of trying.

His office confirmed his visit in a statement, saying that he had visited the “Patriot Wing” of the DC jail on a three-hour tour and spoke directly with the protesters charged on January 6.

His office added that Greene was granted access only after “months of requesting access with letter after letter and call after call.”

Greene took to Twitter to describe the visit and said on Friday: “I have never seen human suffering like the one I witnessed last night.”

He further said that when he asked to see the January 6 defendants while in jail, they told him “it was not part of their tour.”

However, Greene said he “demanded” to see them and “would have gone to the scorched earth if they didn’t let me and I was making it known.”

When he was finally allowed to visit the accused protesters on January 6, he said: “It was like entering a prisoner of war camp.” He said the prisoners could not believe that “someone had come in to see them.”

“They are suffering a lot. With practically no medical attention, the quality of the food is very bad and they are undergoing a re-education that most of them reject,” he added. Greene tweeted.

The DC Department of Corrections (DOC) did not immediately respond to The Hill’s request for comment.

The Hill has contacted Greene’s office for further comment.

Greene and Rep. Louie gohmertLouis (Louie) Buller GohmertGreene racks up at least K in fines for ignoring the House’s mask mandate Citations are a real concern for lawmakers facing Jan.6 questions After 35 years, Congress should finally end the sentence disparity between crack and powder cocaine MORE (R-Texas) had tried to enter the jail on Wednesday, but a prison worker stopped him at the entrance.

“What are you hiding? Seriously, what are you hiding?” Greene was seen asking the prison worker on video.

Early Thursday afternoon, Greene tweeted a letter she and Gohmert had written to the mayor of DC Muriel bowserMuriel Bowser Bowser is Running for Third Term as Mayor of DC Equilibrium / Sustainability – Presented by Southern Company – How Martian Biofuel Could Transport Humans Twenty-Five US Cities On Track to Exceed Paris Climate Goals by 2025: MORE Report (D), demanding access to jail. The letter was jointly signed by the representatives. Matt gaetzMatthew (Matt) Gaetz Good Republicans in government may be democracy’s last hope. Greene racks up at least K in fines for ignoring the House mask mandate. Anti-Trump Republicans target McCarthy, Scalise and other high-profile conservatives. (R-Fla.) Y Paul gosarPaul Anthony Gosar Citations are a real concern for lawmakers facing Jan.6 questions Anti-Trump Republicans target McCarthy, Scalise and other high-profile conservatives Democrats say Republican lawmakers implicated on Jan.6 should be ousted More (R-Ariz.).

“As duly elected members of Congress charged with funding, oversight, and authority over the District, we do not find any good reason to prevent us from inspecting these facilities,” the letter said.

Greene’s visit comes a month after a federal judge found DC prison officials in contempt of treatment of a defendant on Jan.6 and referred the matter to the Justice Department for a civil rights investigation into whether others Defendants in Capitol disturbances face similar conditions.

A federal judge on Wednesday ordered a defendant diagnosed with cancer on January 6 to be transferred to another prison after an inspection of a DC jail found the inmates were living in “deplorable” conditions.

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