The Good Doctor 5×5: Shaun needs to dodge internal issues (recap)

This week, Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) begins to deal more deeply with his inner issues. As Salen (Rachel Bay Jones) carries out new interventions at the hospital, some of its weaknesses are exposed. In this way, the character wants to change his posture so that his new problems are not so big.

So, know all about the titled “Crazytown” of The Good Doctor with our recap!

The Good Doctor 5×5: Mateo may not return to hospital

The episode begins when Shaun and the team are having a meeting with Salen about patient assessments of doctors. Later, in a conversation with Audrey (Christina Chang), who was highly praised, the hospital’s new administrator discovers that Mateo (Osvaldo Benavides) was called at the last minute to a new medical mission in Guatemala and had to go away.

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Shaun comments to Lea (Paige Spara) that he was upset to learn that all patients rated him with low scores, ranking last in the surgical department. For this reason, he makes a pact with himself, thinking about improving his relationship with other people and his approach to patients.

Shortly thereafter, Shaun becomes involved in an affair with Alex (Will Yun Lee), in which they examine a man named Song (François Chau), who has a broken jaw. When he’s being taken into surgery, his daughter Emily (Jee Young Han) comes up to say it wasn’t accidental. Parallel to this, Audrey is reprimanded by Salen, considering that she had allowed Mateo to be absent.

After undergoing extensive surgery, Mr. Song argues with Emily about what happened. While she wants to file a formal complaint at the police station about what happened, her father doesn’t want to report anyone. For this reason, the young woman storms out of the room in which he is resting and, shortly thereafter, the man has a crisis. Shaun examines him and realizes there might be something wrong with his brain.

When tempers subside, Emily emerges and catches Shaun, Alex and Jordan (Bria Henderson) arguing about the best approach to removing an extremely harmful tumor from her brain. Although doctors can save Mr. Song’s life, he is not interested in the procedure, which could even kill him within a year. The young woman runs away visibly moved.

As Alex goes after Emily to comfort her, Jordan tries to reason with Mr. Song about the new surgery. Furthermore, she questions him about hiding her tumor from his daughter and he claims that he just wanted to protect her. That’s when Alex brings Emily back to the room and she has a conversation with Mr. Song. The young woman then tells the doctors that she needs to support her father’s decision.

However, when a man develops a seizure, doctors need to act quickly. Emily is the only one who can save him, so after talking to Shaun, she gives in to the surgery. Doctors quickly come together to save him. Meanwhile, Audrey calls Mateo and discovers that he may not return to the hospital.

(ABC/Reproduction)(ABC/Reproduction)Source: ABC

The episode ends with Shaun bringing flowers to Lea when he gets home. The two celebrate the surgeon’s score, which appears to be rising. Shaun is happy that no one considers him a stranger. Read comforts him.

Don’t miss it! A new episode of The Good Doctor will air next week on ABC.

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