Shufersal sued after secret haredi discounts revealed

A lawsuit was filed against supermarket chain Shufersal on Thursday after Channel 12 revealed that the chain was offering discounted prices on a special site for haredi shoppers.

Channel 12’s “Tochnit Chisachon” (Savings Plan) program revealed that Yashir L’Mehadrin, a site run by the Shufersal chain, was offering products cheaper than the chain’s main website, with 2,000 identical products found as more cheap in Yashir L’Mehadrin. .

The website does not ship to some of the major cities in Israel, such as Haifa, Rishon Lezion, Ramat Gan, and Ashkelon.

Shufersal told Channel 12 in response to the report that Yashir L’Mehadrin is intended for populations that buy products with a mehadrin kashrut, saying that “there is no place to compare this product or any other between these sites or between the different formats.”

After the Channel 12 report was released, prices on the network’s main site were lowered on some products.

Pizza on Shufersal’s site for NIS 21.9 and Yashir L’Mehadrin’s site for NIS 15.90, a 31% difference (credit: screenshot)

Many products on the Yashir L’Mehadrin site, from pasta to meat, were still cheaper than on the regular Shufersal site as of Thursday, although some items were more expensive, such as fresh lamb and beef.

MK Michael Biton, president of the Knesset Committee on Economic Affairs, has requested that the issue be reviewed to see if there is discrimination by sector, according to Channel 12. Biton stated that there is no economic or business model that justifies such a difference in prices .

Several consumers filed a class action lawsuit against the company for NIS 500,000,000 in response to the report, claiming discrimination based on industry and that the price difference was due “to greed.” The lawsuit was filed by the law firm Uri Keynan and Co.

Attorney Hani Tannous has filed an additional NIS 10 million class action lawsuit, according to Channel 12.

Keynan and the other attorneys who filed the lawsuit with him called the lawsuit “one of the largest consumer lawsuits ever filed.”

“This is severe and blatant discrimination in the context of sectoral affiliation. It is inconceivable that an entire sector that contributes to the state on a regular basis would be discriminated against in this way,” Keynan said.

“The secular way of life of the plaintiff and the other members of the group does not teach anything about the connection between this figure and the decision to sell them products at prices higher than the ultra-Orthodox public,” the lawsuit against Shufersal reads. according to Channel 12.

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