Sara Yehudit Sharf, remembered: a brilliant soul with a passion for Judaism

The Jerusalem Post he lost a beloved member of his staff last week. Although she worked with us for a short period of time, Sara Yehudit Sharf left a lasting impact on everyone who worked with her.

Some members of the MailThe breaking news desk has written their goodbyes in his memory.

May your memory be a blessing.

Aaron Reich

Breaking news editor

I have known Sara for many years and there was no one else like her. She was passionate about animals, public transportation, and Israeli and Jewish history, and she truly loved Israel and Judaism with all her soul. But above all, she was a good companion and an incredible friend.

We are all lucky to have met such a wonderful person, who has impacted our lives in so many ways, and his absence will forever leave us with an empty hole. Rest in peace, Sara. We love you.

SARA SHARF, a beloved journalist and researcher with a passion for the Jewish faith (credit: FACEBOOK)

Shira silkoff

Breaking News Desk Manager

Every part of my life is full of memories of you, Sara. The string of lights in a jar in my room, which you told me to buy. The hair dye bottles were filled with bright colors, which you helped me choose. Because that’s what you were. Generous, with a big heart and eager to help people. In these simple everyday things I remember you, and with them I miss you.

Simcha Christmas

Former breaking news editor

Sara was a bright, adventurous and intellectually curious soul. She brought light with her wherever she went and shared so much joy with everyone around her. Working with her and meeting her was an indescribable pleasure. Those who knew her loved her very much and we will miss her.

Young eve

Breaking news editor

Sara was the type of person who always made sure you were okay and tried to make your life easier, no matter what she herself was dealing with. I always felt that my feelings were important to her, and she would do her best to make my day better and brighter.

Tamar beeri

Managing Editor,

Sara carried with her an almost childish joy and fascination that is vital in journalism. She lit up a room and always went out of her way to make everyone around her comfortable and happy. She was a pleasure to work with and her kindness really radiated.

Sarah Ben-Nun

Breaking News Desk Manager

I didn’t know Sara for long, or very well. But I will carry parts of her with me forever.

His enthusiasm, sincere curiosity, and sheer kindness were contagious and a joy to behold. Yehi zichrah baruch.

    Memorial candles (credit: PIXABAY) Memorial candles (credit: PIXABAY)

Michael starr

Breaking News Desk Manager

Sara was a brilliant soul, eager to learn and please others. His light was honest and innocent, and the world is darker with his extinction. I offer my condolences to her friends and family, and I hope Sara is at peace.

Natan Khodorkovsky

Breaking news editor

I didn’t know Sara very well and I never had the opportunity to work with her. In fact, he showed up a few days before he died. She apologized for not showing up earlier, saying she was shy, and I apologized for not showing up, for the same reason.

I edited some of your articles. She was a very smart and kind and kind writer on the few occasions that I spoke to her. I really wanted to read more of her stories and work with her and was saddened to hear of her passing. All I can say is that it is a tragedy that such a talented and kind-hearted person was taken out of this world so soon.

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