Old Crusader Castle Exposed in New Novel

This historical fiction novel gave me an insight into a world that has always intrigued me, but about which I knew nothing.

After reading this book, I feel that I have gained a more serious education, both in archeology and in history.

In alternating chapters, we are provided an engaging and exciting education: first, on what happens at an excavation in 1926; and second, about what life was like in a medieval castle in western Galilee in 1271, at Montfort Castle, near Acre.

No one could have been better qualified to write this book than Australian author Adrian Boas, who is a professor emeritus at the University of Haifa and who personally spent 15 years excavating this fort, which is the primary location for his novel.

The characters in the US-led excavation of Montfort Castle keep our interest throughout the novel. His discovery of a hidden underground passage and what it contains keeps our curiosity untiring. Alternatively, we are spellbound by going back over seven centuries to the events, the participants of the crusaders, and the siege of this medieval castle.

The writing is often beautiful and poetic. “I got down … and crouched down at the edge of the stream. It flowed musically between the stones, like knotted silver, deep and light, full of color and shadows ”.

This novel is a double drama that keeps your interest until the end.

There are all the elements you would want: the secret, a murder and even alchemy, something that has always asked me and that does not disappoint.

There is also a trace of romance, but this fades into the background and could perhaps have been portrayed more strongly.

By reading this novel, I feel that I have acquired a great knowledge of history and archeology; how an excavation is carried out; and what life was like among the Crusader Knights in the 13th century.

THE PRIEST OF SULFUR By Adrian Boas (credit: Wheatmark)

This is a novel that you will never forget for its sense of authenticity and for the characters that will interest you.  The writer is the author of 14 books. His latest novel is Looking for sarah.

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