Jerusalem youth lead the fight against climate change

The Jerusalem Municipality is organizing a leadership group for teens in grades 9-11 to lead a campaign to combat climate change.
The group will include teenagers from schools around Jerusalem and will focus on climate change education, activism and youth leadership. Members will have the opportunity to take the lead on climate-related issues such as green roofs, climate-friendly public transportation, the fashion industry, and more. The initiatives will be financed by the municipality to update them.

The plan also includes education, learning days organized in the science museum and cooperation with the “Youth protest for the climate.”

The leadership group will be considered as part of the volunteer program that teens must complete during their time at school. This year, Jerusalem chose to change the way the volunteer program has been conducted in previous years to allow students to choose the form of volunteer work that speaks to them the most.

“The new leadership group illustrates the commitment and great importance that the Jerusalem Municipality attaches to the climate issue,” said Jerusalem Mayor Moshe León. “The group will take a step forward in the fight against climate change and focus on action in practice.

BIRDS FLY near factory emissions in Tangshan, China in 2016. Waskow emphasizes the importance of using religion to combat climate change (credit: KIM KYUNG-HOON / FILE PHOTO / REUTERS)

“It is our responsibility to act quickly and secure the inheritance we leave to the future generation of Jerusalem. Therefore, there is nothing more correct or appropriate than to include young people in the search for solutions and answers at the local level.”

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