IDF reprimands commanders after 13 Shayetet accidents

Following the accident of classified ships during a naval command training published for the first time in Maariv Two weeks ago, a series of command actions were taken at Shayetet 13.

A combat officer with the rank of major who commanded one of the vessels and was responsible for the professional field in the unit, was removed from his position in the unit and placed in another position outside the naval command in the naval arm.

In addition to him, the training commander, a combat officer in the position of captain, was reprimanded by the commander of Shayetet 13. The other commander of the vessel, an officer with the rank of lieutenant who was involved in the accident, did not. He will perform command duties requiring him to command operational vessels for three months until his return to command of the unit’s operational vessels is re-examined.

More than two weeks ago, as reported in MaarivDuring a summary training of the unit’s senior soldiers, an accident occurred in which there were no casualties, but the ship was severely damaged. During training, at the time of departure for the training mission, one of the vessels commanded by an officer with the rank of major, who was effectively removed from the unit, collided violently with another vessel.

Operational investigations revealed that there were command and professional errors in the incident. The decision to aggravate the punishment of the officer with a higher rank beyond his status as a soldier in the unit is due to the fact that he is also responsible for the professional field related to operational vessels in the naval command. In addition, it was learned that along with the professional mistakes he made, he also deviated from the professional procedures required for a figure classified as malfunction and disciplinary offense. Therefore, it was decided to aggravate his sentence.

A joint drill between the IDF’s elite Shayetet 13 Navy commandos and the US Army Special Forces (Credit: IDF SPOKESPERSON UNIT)

As reported in Maariv, following this accident and following a series of security incidents, including two serious incidents in the technical squad at Shayetet 13, in which a soldier was seriously injured in a fire on one of the vessels during routine care and in another incident , the finger of a female soldier was cut off, it was decided to stop training for a week in order to study and take lessons in the areas of security and routine in the elite unit.

In addition to the command investigation, a Military Police investigation into these incidents is underway. When this is done, it looks like command level action will be taken in these cases as well. The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said in response that “following the accident of the ship in 13 Squadron, an investigation was carried out, the conclusions of which included a recommendation to take command-level action against those involved.”

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