COP26: A climate carnival to remember and ridicule – opinion

If the participants at the 26th UN Conference of the Parties on Climate Change (COP26) in Glasgow this week hadn’t taken themselves so seriously, the global event would have been a great comedy. It’s always fun to watch the “awakened” stumble without even realizing it, after all.
A perfect example was the refusal of the Scottish Event Campus guards to allow the Minister of Energy, Karin Elharrar, to enter the compound. However, this was not because the government official suffering from muscular dystrophy did not have adequate proof of the COVID-19 vaccine, a requirement for all delegates to the convention.

No, the most relevant politician for the issue in question, apart from the Minister of Environmental Protection, Tamar Zandberg, was sure in that regard.

The reason for her inability to grace the place with her presence was, well, her disability. Somehow, with all the sustenance from the destruction of the planet and the preparations for the summit, no one among the enlightened crowd in the land of the kilt had thought of making arrangements for wheelchair access.

To be fair, it is difficult for people who care about the plight of humanity and the fate of the world’s grandchildren to take individual human beings into account. This makes sense. Huge goals, and the billions of dollars promised for their future realization, are much easier to contemplate than small, much less expensive goals that need immediate and inconvenient attention.

Energy Minister Karin Elharrar speaks with Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on the sidelines of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP26). (credit: courtesy)

When he learned of the Elharrar situation, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett complained, and rightly so. He went so far as to threaten not to attend the next day’s sessions if the matter was not resolved. When she did, he personally accompanied her to the meetings. One of them was to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who set out to personally apologize to Elharrar.

Still, the stain on the bleeding hearts had been exposed and no amount of coronavirus masking could keep it hidden.

SPEAKING OF WHICH, the crowded hallways weren’t exactly conducive to social distancing. It is a practice that should not be necessary in a room full of people inoculated, recovered and subjected to PCR testing. But woe to any skeptic who might suggest that a flimsy face covering can be as effective against wiping out a pandemic as banning straws keeps the temperature from rising!

And, on that subject, it is particularly noteworthy that Israel’s COP26 contingent was 120 people, which is a considerable percentage of an estimated 25,000 out of some 100 countries around the world.

This is funny, and not in a ha-ha way.

First of all, unlike most of the other countries represented at the climate festival, Israel is so small that it is difficult to place it in an atlas without a magnifying glass. Its contribution to the melting of icebergs, therefore, is minimal. Even if one accepts the questionable premise that human behavior and consumption are to blame for the increase in floods, fires, and other natural disasters, and despite the bad habits of individual Israelis, the Jewish state is barely on the list of violators. The countries with the highest amount of carbon emissions, in the order of the tons of CO2 that each one ostensibly releases into the atmosphere are: China, USA, India, Russia, Japan, Germany, Iran, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia.

Second, because the huge delegation from Israel stayed in Edinburgh, more than 50 miles from the SEC, traveling for more than an hour each way between campus and hotel, it was releasing a lot of carbon into the air with just be at the top. The same goes for trips from various locations in Israel to Ben-Gurion Airport; double time for the flight to Glasgow.

The Scottish government’s request that foreign delegations use trains to get to the SEC apparently went unheeded. The 400 private jets parked nearby also mocked the entire circus, as did the numerous delegate-laden commercial jets flying to various airports in the UK.

THE PROTESTS OUTSIDE the scene were equally foolish. Naturally, climate activist Greta Thunberg stood out among the protesters and never missed an opportunity to dump a huge dose of her own carbon emissions.

“No more blah blah blah,” he yelled. “No more whatever they are doing in there.”

It would have been wise advice, if she hadn’t meant to say that they should put their money where their mouths are. Unfortunately, committing to throw exorbitant sums at the problem is precisely what they were “doing in there.”

However, that was not good enough for Thunberg and his friends. In an open letter and petition addressed to “world leaders”, they called the failure of governments to cut carbon emissions “treason”.

They warned: “This is not a drill. It is the red code of the Earth. Millions of people will suffer as our planet is devastated, a terrifying future that will be created or prevented by the choices you make. You have the power to decide. As citizens of the entire planet, we urge you to address the climate emergency. Not next year. Not next month. Now.”

The list of steps these young intruders demanded is as empty as their heads: “Keeping the precious 1.5 ° C target alive with immediate and drastic annual emission reductions the world has never seen before; stop all investments, subsidies and new fossil fuel projects immediately, and stop new exploration and extraction; end creative carbon accounting by publishing total emissions from all consumption indices, supply chains, international aviation and shipping, and biomass burning; deliver the $ 100 billion pledged to the most vulnerable countries, with additional funds for climate disasters; and enact climate policies that protect workers and the most vulnerable, and reduce all forms of inequality. “

It is amazing how many words can be wasted in conveying a tired socialist message, driven by an agenda. Yes, we know that a privileged girl like Thunberg can scoff at the very Western actions and attitudes that have alleviated poverty.

He has the luxury of lamenting inequality from the comfort of his superior position, not thinking about what made it possible for him to hover around and garner praise for his “individual” voice. What he has clearly never done is answer the question of how, thanks to the innovation and hard work of those he despises, even the world’s poorest people can expect to live as long as those in the richest countries just 70 years ago. .

INSTEAD OF lamenting the seemingly catastrophic scenario our great-grandchildren will inherit, it is time for the Thunbergs and their apologists to consider that many families today consist of five living generations. In the not-so-distant past, this would have been unthinkable.

But then “progressives” of his ilk don’t think. They mimic, regurgitate, and erupt at just the right time.

While engaging in this pointless exercise and professing to care for the well-being of all people, they do not show the most basic concern or empathy for any particular person. Israel’s energy minister was able to sample a small sample of this parody. And this despite their belonging to two groups favored by self-anointed benefactors: women and the disabled.

Stories like Elharrar’s explain why satire is in greater danger of extinction than rainforests and dolphins. It is a sad situation that deserves a laugh in response.

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