Scotland Papers: COP26 Methane Deal and Post-Independence Oil Plans

Screenshot, The Times is leading the agreement agreed by world leaders at the COP26 summit in Glasgow to curb emissions of the second most polluting greenhouse gas on the planet, methane.
Screenshot, The i says that US President Joe Biden praised world leaders for their work at the conference after more than 80 countries signed a pledge to reduce methane gas.
Screenshot, The Metro says Glasgow leaders pledged to “save the Earth’s lungs” and countries signed agreements to cut methane by 30% and reverse deforestation by 2030.
Screenshot, The Daily Star also tops the methane deal under the headline “whoever smelled it gave it away.” The newspaper says world leaders agreed to a historic end to the “scourge of coo gas.”
Screenshot, A senior Scottish government minister has said Scotland will continue to allow oil and gas exploration and new drilling in the North Sea after independence, The Scotsman reports.
Screenshot, The Herald focuses on Boris Johnson’s press conference at COP26 on Tuesday, and the newspaper reported that the UK prime minister said he was “cautiously optimistic” about reaching a climate deal at the end of the summit.
Screenshot, The Daily Mail also picks up on Johnson’s optimism when the prime minister praised world leaders for beginning to “cut the wires” on the climate change ticking time bomb.
Screenshot, UN chiefs have praised the Scots for their efforts against climate change, and Antonio Guterres expressed “enormous gratitude,” reports The National.
Screenshot, The Sun says the US president, who flew out of COP26 on Tuesday night, was “demoted” to a four-star hotel near Edinburgh, as the Gleneagles luxury resort had no room for him.
Screenshot, Leading with another hotel-themed COP26 story, the Glasgow Times says a “heartbroken” family has claimed they were “uprooted” from their hotel room while traveling to visit their sick grandfather due to the conference.
Screenshot, The Daily Record dedicates its front page to accident and emergency department wait times, and the newspaper says that a patient in an A&E “in distress” had to wait 65 hours for a bed.
Screenshot, The Daily Express says Scotland’s Health Secretary Humza Yousaf has been accused of producing “sound bites” rather than a strategy to deal with Scotland’s NHS crisis and worst A&E wait times.
Screenshot, Boris Johnson will try to reform the House of Commons watchdog following his decision to ban Conservative MP Owen Paterson from Parliament for alleged violations of lobbying rules. Conservative MPs and ministers will be ordered to support a secondary motion that could lead to the dissolution of the standards committee and its replacement by a new body, according to The Daily Telegraph.
Screenshot, The Press and Journal says that a man suffering from a mental disorder that beat his mother to death received an arrest warrant without a time limit.
Screenshot, The transformation of Michelin’s Dundee tire factory into a campus for high-tech innovation has been hailed at a COP26 event as a global “benchmark”, The Courier reports.
Screenshot, The Evening Telegraph says police are investigating an unexplained death in Dundee after a woman’s body was found in a basement.
Screenshot, The Evening Express reports on a court case that heard that an abandoned child lost 20 teeth after a mother allegedly left her three children in “misery.”
Screenshot, A man with muscular dystrophy who is “desperate” to live an independent life has launched a campaign highlighting the difficulties people in wheelchairs face when trying to find a home, reports the Edinburgh Evening News.

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