Lemonade Launches AI-Powered Auto Insurance in the US

Lemonade, an Israeli-founded insurance company powered by AI, has begun offering auto insurance for American drivers.

The company launched its “Lemonade Car” service in Illinois, followed by Tennessee, and will be rolled out nationwide, he said.

Lemonade Car is designed to offer better prices for safe, low-mileage drivers, as well as eco-friendly electric vehicles and hybrid cars, the company said. The app uses telematics to measure how much and how safe people are driving, as well as providing 24/7 on-site roadside assistance, real-time accident detection and dispatch of emergency services .

Lemonade Car’s first claims process allows users to file claims in minutes and, when needed, get towing services, emergency EV battery recharge, and the ability to track repairs, body shop work, and more. With Blender, the company’s proprietary insurance operating system, Lemonade claims advocates can handle more claims in a shorter period of time by automating many of the manual processes involved.

Lemonade said it will continue its commitment to never invest in polluting fossil fuels and industries, as well as to incorporate incentives to reduce CO2 emissions. Lemonade Car offers better rates and coverage for electric vehicles and hybrid cars, rewards low-mileage drivers with lower insurance rates and will finance reforestation to help clean up customers’ carbon emissions, over time, he said.

A rendering of an Israeli hybrid taxi of the Toyota Yaris model type (credit: MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION)

“We wanted to introduce a product that not only reinvents the way people buy auto insurance, administer their policies and submit claims, but also does something good for the planet,” said Shai Wininger, CEO and co-founder of Lemonade. “Since we cannot stop using cars for now, we will help offset the CO2 emitted by our customers’ cars by financing reforestation on an ongoing basis. With the telematics technology in our application, we can estimate the amount of carbon dioxide emitted. every trip and plant trees accordingly. “

Lemonade currently offers its clients home, renters, pet and life insurance products. Customers can bundle their auto insurance with these and save up to hundreds of dollars a year, he said.

Founded in Tel Aviv in 2015, Lemonade is currently available in the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, and France, and continues to expand globally.


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