Joe Manchin and the exodus of the workers

Working-class Americans once formed the backbone of the Democratic Party, but the cracks in that previously armored coalition began to show years ago. Today, it is almost irreparable, and Sen. Joe manchinJoe ManchinOvernight Energy & Environment – Presented by the American Petroleum Institute – Biden seeks to tackle methane Biden rallies nations to reduce methane emissions Democrats give Manchin a warning about lack of progress on the spending bill MORE (DW.Va) stands as the last Blue Dog of the United States Senate.

Punished as a traitor for defying the party’s billionaire spending agenda, Manchin says it is “so lonely. “With a very small majority, however, Democrats may come to regret having pushed Manchin too far in this fight and those ahead. Following the trail of many grassroots voters, one of West Virginia’s top Democrats , Governor Jim Justice, has already been launched into the Republican Party in recent years. Many ask Manchin to do the same.

“I promise you,” says the senator. Rand paul (R-Ky.), “He has a seat at the table and a big important voice in our [Republican] caucus if you decide to come. “Senator Mike lee (R-Utah) has made similar gestures towards Manchin.

Such a move would have immediate political ramifications: restore a Republican majority in the Senate; relegate the Democrats to the minority; and ending much of Biden’s agenda. In the long run of history, the moment could be remembered as the final act of the exodus of the working class from the Democratic Party.

For his part, Manchin has not turned down these invitations, going so far as to suggest that he may unsubscribe and become an independent. At the same time, it does not threaten the balance of power in Washington. “He would still be rallying the Democrats,” he says, but how far can the Democrats push him before that changes?

Rather than face a political setback at home, Manchin voters would celebrate a move toward the Republican Party. During his twenty years in state office (as US Secretary of State, Governor, and Senator), West Virginia experienced the partisan blue to red change in modern American history. In 1992, the state voted decisively for Bill clintonWilliam (Bill) Jefferson Clinton Georgia Secretary of State: Trump ‘had no idea how elections work’ Latest NASA chief official Bill Nelson suggested UFOs have otherworldly origins Missile defense hypersonics is a job for the Space Force MORE with a margin of 13 points. A generation later, those same voters chose Donald trumpDonald Trump Republicans are ready to sweep Virginia, wowing Democrats Five takeaways from a bleak night for Democrats New Jersey’s gubernatorial race is too close to call for MORE upon Hillary clintonHillary Diane Rodham Clinton Van Jones on Virginia: ‘This is a big, big wake-up call’ for Democrats Colorado Supreme Court signs new map of Congress Huma Abedin on his bid for political office: ‘I’m not saying no to nothing ‘MORE for a crushing 40 points. Joe bidenJoe Biden Five takeaways from a bleak night for Democrats Youngkin wins Virginia Governor’s race Michelle Wu elected as Boston’s first mayor MORE had a similar fate last year. What happened?

The leftward shake of the Democratic Party in recent decades, on issues ranging from gun rights to taxpayer-funded abortion, initiated the alienation of the party’s conservative working-class coalition, in Appalachia and elsewhere. The United States, whose ties to the party have always rested. in labor policy. However, this alienation did not stop with ignoring their views on social issues and adopting policies that have directly attacked their livelihoods.

“Green” policies drive up energy prices and send manufacturing jobs overseas. In response, party leaders insult the pride of those who have always supported their own families, offering welfare checks instead of lost paychecks. Now, with full Democratic control in Washington, President Joe Biden is attempting to override union-negotiated collective agreements, violating one of the labor movement’s main tenants, which is demanding that companies fire workers who don’t comply with their vaccination mandate. For those whose jobs survive, inflation erodes wages as Democrats urge the Federal Reserve to print trillions of dollars to fund a huge spending schedule. To add insult to injury, objectors are attacked by the new Democratic Party activists as “deplorable” and uneducated racists, standing in the way of the grand utopian vision.

Should anyone be surprised that working-class communities, like those in West Virginia, have turned red?

Now the last Democrat standing in his once blue state (all other state offices held by Republicans), Manchin understands why his constituents now Overwhelmingly republican vote. In a recent interview, he said:

“My little state has never complained. We’ve done all the heavy lifting, we’ve done the mining, we’ve made the steel, we’ve done whatever it takes to make this country the world’s superpower. And suddenly they took a breath and looked up. back and we’re not good enough, we’re not clean enough, we’re not green enough, we’re not smart enough, so to hell with you. So they said “Well, to hell with you too.”

The same could be said of all blue-collar communities throughout the United States.

Manchin is right to pause and reconsider his own political future. Why would a working person, in West Virginia or across America, support this new Democratic Party?

Eric Brakey is the Senior Spokesperson for Young Americans for Liberty and a former Maine State Senator (2014-2018).

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