Jew on campus to partner with the World Jewish Congress

Jewish on Campus and World Jewish Congress (WJC) have announced a joint partnership to support Jewish students and combat anti-Semitism on college campuses, which is reportedly on the rise, both organizations said Tuesday.

“College campuses should be a place that allows free expression of thought and exploration of ideas, not a breeding ground for hatred and anti-Semitism,” WJC President Ronald S. Lauder said at the World Jewish Congress. . website.

Anti-Semitism has been prevalent on college campuses, as a recent study concluded that 43% of Jewish students on American college campuses have personally experienced anti-Semitism or witnessed anti-Semitic activity. Last month, another report came out indicating that half of Jewish college students have hidden their religious identity.

However, Jewish on Campus, a nonprofit organization that started last year as an Instagram page, wrote on Twitter that the association will “work to create strong academic programming, defend the protection of students under the Act of Civil Rights and will form a representative body “. of Jewish students through our Ambassadors Program. ”

Both organizations will also support Jewish student communities outside of the United States.

Co-founder and CEO of Jew on campus, Julia Jassey, stated, “One thing we hope to do is have a more international focus. Jewish on Campus is truly grateful to the World Jewish Congress and Ambassador Ronald S. Lauder for giving us this opportunity because it is one that students often miss. I have.

“My hope for Jewish on Campus is that we will be an organization that students get to know on campus,” Jassey continued.

This collaboration is part of WJC’s NextGen Inc., a program that works with next-generation leaders to ensure that Jews around the world are supported and united in the fight against bigotry, according to its website.

A recent example of anti-Semitism on a college campus included participants in a demonstration organized by Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at the University of Massachusetts, where an attendee videotaped spitting and physically assaulting a journalist considered a “Zionist.” according to the Louis D. Brandeis Center.

The incident took place in June at the Anti-Defamation League New England Regional Office in Boston. The journalist in question was called a Nazi solely because of his perceived identity as a Zionist. The harassment lasted seven minutes.

The incident violates UMass’s Student Code of Conduct, according to the report, and the university is required to investigate students who violate the code. The Brandeis Center cautioned that no action taken would indicate that “students and student organizations are free to intimidate, harass and assault people who attend their events, based on those people’s perceived support for Israel.”

The university has yet to do anything about the incident.

Jeremy Sharon contributed to this report.

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