Israelis say the world position has remained stable under the new government

Israel’s reputation in the world has remained stable since the departure of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the establishment of the most recent coalition government last summer, according to the most recent survey by the Israel Institute of Democracy.
The Israel Democracy Institute’s “Israeli Voice Index”, which is a monthly public opinion poll conducted by the organization, found that 65% of respondents believe that Israel’s international position has improved (28%) or has fallen. has remained the same (37%). 29% of those surveyed felt that Israel’s reputation had deteriorated after Israel’s longest-serving head of state, Benjamin Netanyahu, was replaced by Naftali Bennett’s coalition government in June.

Most respondents also believe that the government will succeed in passing the 2022-2023 budget, which would ensure that the government does not collapse and prevent another election, which would be Israel’s fifth in just under three years.

Responses were divided along political lines: 51% of respondents who identified themselves politically as on the right believed that Israel’s position among the international community improved or remained stable, while a whopping 90% of respondents on the left believed that Israel had an equal or superior position since then. the new government took power. Respondents leaning towards the center were equally optimistic, with 84% saying the situation had improved or remained stable.

In particular, 44% of right-wing participants said the new government had lowered Israel’s international standing, while only 11% of centrist respondents and an even lower 6% of left-wing respondents agreed.

Right-wing protesters at a rally on November 2, 2021 in Habima Square in Tel Aviv. The signs read “Help! One oversized baby runs the country” and “Two states for two peoples: Jordan and Israel” (credit: AVSHALOM SASSONI / MAARIV)

The survey also tracked responses from participants who identified themselves as Jewish or Arab. Among Israeli Jewish respondents, 37% said there has been no change in Israel’s international position, while almost the same rate believes it has improved or deteriorated (27% – improved, 30% – deteriorated) . Israeli Arab interviewees felt a bit more positive: 40% considered that Israel’s position has remained unchanged, 30% said that it has improved and 23% believe that it has worsened.

The survey also tracked how Israelis believed other countries or institutions behaved towards Israel, tracking the perceived attitudes of eight countries, the EU and the United Nations. 75.1% of Israeli Jews felt that the United States was very or moderately friendly to Israel, while 87.6% of Israeli Arabs agreed with the sentiment. Respondents of Jewish and Arab descent generally agreed on most questions, although 69.1% of Arab participants felt the UN was very or moderately friendly; only 11.5% of Jewish respondents said the same.

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